January 7, 2013

Breaking: Edward Cringle is a Hero!


Have you heard? Edward Cringle saved someone! Some call him brave, some even call him courageous, others call him a hero! Lol! Okay I went too far on that one :) I've been questing with Edward Cringle the past few days and I started back on my main quests. Edward Cringle had a main quest to save a pelican, so I thought why not blog about it too? :) Here's some pictures of my adventures during this quest, enjoy and make sure to read the captions!

Getting ready for battle, so why not take a picture? :)

Is it just me, or is he not in a good mood?

You're not the only one with Epic critical hits! :D

My pet thought he wasn't hitting enough I guess :)

No Problem! x acts like a super hero x

Not only did I save someone, I also made level 7!! :D
If you do something good, you get something good in return!

If you haven't noticed, I do take a lot of pictures! I hope you enjoyed the post and make sure to spread the word around about Edward Cringle (Just kidding). I'll see you around the Spiral!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

ROFL!!! Great post Superhero :P And congrats on level 7!!! :)