January 13, 2013

Pieces of Eight NXP!

Ahoy Pirates!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog lately, my computers been acting weird with Pirate101. Today I logged on for the first time for hours since last year (December) and I had a chance to nautical level with a bunch of other pirates and watch Pieces of Eight livestream the event! I had a lot of fun and leveled up. I arrived an hour late, I couldn't believe how much I leveled up though.. I leveled from level N44 to level N49! I am one level from N50! Thanks for having this event Pieces of Eight. Make sure to visit their site/podcast at: http://piecesofeightradio.com/ .

Here are a few pictures from the event!

I think I was too busy to get pictures when the event first started, there was so many ships if I tried to take a picture I would probably lag so much! I'll guess and say there were about 20 ships there. It was crazy, I've never seen so many ships attack one ship on Pirate101 before now! Thanks again for the event and I hope you have something like this again, this was a great way to receive a lot of extra experience for your nautical level. 

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