January 21, 2013

The NXP was fun!

Ahoy Pirates!

Before I begin, I need to show you a picture of something cool that happened during the party!

Had to take the picture during lag but.. my Witchdoctor made nautical 50!

This was one goal I was hoping to complete soon, I'm glad Autumn decided to host this event. There were so many people there, I couldn't believe all of the lag/ ships I was seeing! If I were questing in Mooshu and noticed all of these ships attacking I would think someone was mad so they decided to get a lot of other captains together and destroy the ship that destroyed them at first. Okay I went over the top there, Lol, but this party was over the top! I thank everyone who made it and hope you make it to another of Autumn's events. Oh Autumn, how was the first event you ever hosted? I'm expecting a comment from you after you read this post! Tell everyone what you thought of it! Okay, now time for more pictures! Lots of ships..

Long Distance view of all of the ships.

Caught a glimpse of my favorite ship attack to the right :)

That's a lot of ships, don't ya think?

AH! I think I made a ship almost capsize right next to me, sorry about that!
Edit: The ship I almost tipped over was Johnny's from Pirates of the Spiral 

This was a great event! I'm sorry to those who couldn't make the fun, the event may still be going on but I wanted to log out and make the post before it ended! Thanks everyone for showing up to Autumn's first hosted event! I'll still be waiting to read her comment :P Until then, see ya'll around the Spiral and next time you hear about an NXP join in on the fun! :) Oh I forgot to mention something, I had to log out of Edward Cringle, I died about 3-4 times, ouch.. He leveled to nautical 6, I couldn't take a picture from the lag though! Okay leaving.. :)

Edit** You'll never guess who made it to the party! ...Tom Purdue, Friendly Thomas! :)

I asked him if he could say Hi to everyone reading, here's his response! Read the chat box :)

Read the chat box!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

x comments x

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Haha, that last comment was a joke :P Anyway, congrats on making it to 50! And yeah, there was a lot of people there, it was nuts! But you will have to read my post tomorrow to see my opinion on the party! Thanks for coming! Glad you had fun :)

coco6561 said...

I was at the party and it rocked. I can't wait for the next one.

coco6561 said...

btw i'm quick jordan silver