January 17, 2013

Tribal Crew Pack with a small Review!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm back again, you're probably wondering why I'm making another Tribal Crew Pack post right? Well I logged into the game to buy some of my own and I bought packs after packs until all of my 3000 crowns were gone! Okay I didn't buy much since I was low on crowns but I wish I could buy more because this pack is not only special because its the first Pirate101 pack its also special because its the best pack! You won't believe how great this pack is, I guess I'll just show you a bunch of pictures with captions to show you how great the new pack is! :)

You can sell items like these for a lot of Gold! 

Scorpion Pet I won from the pack! Epic :)

Another Pet I won, A pet from the first Pirate101 video... Epic! :)

Oh yeah a Mount!! 

I have a lot of good luck on my side today or wait a minute... this may be a lot of good luck! I know leprechaun didn't come with me with his gold to Pirate101 right? Well if this really happens just by buying a few packs then everyone should try! This may be my favorite pack of all time, yes better than Wizard101 packs! Thanks KI for the Special treat :) Don't forget to enter my contest where you can receive 5 of these packs from one code: Pirate101 Tribal Crew Pack


Unknown said...

My favorite companion is Kan Po because he just awesome. Words can not describe him. My least would be the guy name Mike. I guess I don't like him due to the fact that he just ugly :)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Congrats on all the great stuff you got from the pack! I agree, it is the best pack. The drop rates are awesome! :)