January 8, 2013

What would you like to see in Pirate101 in 2013?

Ahoy Pirates!

Today I noticed there was a Feedback Friday for Wizard101 and I was thinking about new Pirate101 updates. There's so many things I'm wanting to see in Pirate101, I won't post them all because you'll continue reading through tomorrow! Here's a list of things I would love to see..

Ranked PvP

Kingsisle released Practice PvP not long ago and I love it! I keep thinking of what Ranked PvP will be like and what the awards would be? Maybe a PvP companion with epic new gear? Maybe a pet included? I wonder what the ranks would be called what badges you would get each time you went on to a new level of PvP? I have so many questions with this, I can't wait until they release it :) I hope they release it before Fall, I have a gut feeling it will be Fall or the Christmas season, we'll have to see :) Lets hope its soon though! I'm ready to get out there and Rank PvP!

More Holiday Content

I love the holidays, and this just isn't counted for Christmas, this is counted for the Fourth of July, Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving. I would love to see a bunch of equipment, pets and companions for these holidays. If you haven't played Wizard101, they are always adding new things for the holidays and a lot of people get excited about that! I would love to see Pirate101 adding questing for big holidays that a lot of people celebrate (Halloween & Christmas) and rewards for those quests. Maybe we could travel where Boochbeard and Gandry traveled in the scary tunnel for Halloween! I can't wait to see all of the things Pirate101 has planned for us :)

High Level Gear/ New World

I think this is something that I want to see the most on Pirate101, I know its early to mention this for some players but I noticed there's not too much high level gear unless you buy it or it drops. I would like a for sure this place is going to drop epic high level gear before I start farming. Everyone loves nice gear right? I would love to see gear for the own schools and high level gear.. Example being Malistaire in Dragonspyre on Wizard101 :) Along with the new high level gear I would love to see a new world on Pirate101. I'm interested in the story line and I can't wait to see where the store takes us next. I'm ready to take my witchdoctor to a different world already to I can get some new companions, pets, ships, whatever the new world offers us. I can't imagine what the new world is going to be, I'm pretty sure its going to be epic though :D 

What would you like to see in Pirate101 in 2013? Comment below if you'd like to!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

At the top of my list is a bazaar! lol


I agree with Autumn XD, and I want New Worlds, Companions, Gifting a lot more lol

Anonymous said...

I'd love gifting, stitching, a bazaar, and just more items to roll in the New Year. :)