February 28, 2013

Wizard101 Worlds or Fast101 Worlds?

Hello Wizards,

I have played Wizard101 since August 2009. I heard about Wizard101 on cartoon network and thought (still do ) it was a pretty cool game that I really wanted to play! Currently I was looking for a nice online game and couldn't find one anywhere, its like I was supposed to play the game! I played through Celestia which was very exciting, Zafaria also exciting, I didn't level all the way through because of personal problems in real life though. A few months later, Avalon was released and only a couple wizards could actually make it through, my fire and my storm wizard. I was worried questing through, that I wouldn't have time, but I kept thinking there was no way they would release another world in the same year (2012). I was wrong, they released Azteca, for the very first time not one of my wizards were ready for this world.. Currently I'm leveling my fire wizard, Edward Firegem through Avalon so I can finally make it to Azteca...

Its difficult, but I'm hoping to complete Avalon very soon and make it to Azteca and level through before the next world is released. I have a bad feeling that I won't get to though. Lets go back in time again and think of the time frame between each new world.. Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon and Azteca.. some of the worlds took a matter of a year apart with release such as DS-Celestia and Celestia-Zafaria. Now that some people stay on a lot more than others can (I'm sure most of the people who play Wizard101) they are releasing worlds every few months. This is very confusing and there's no excitement up to the new world(s) release. I love all of the new worlds (characters, spells, design, just about everything), I just don't like that it's being released so fast. I love Wizard101 and Kingsisle, great game and the best game team ever! I just hope they get this message, that they are releasing way too fast. Lets think of the lower levels who are just starting the game. They are level one, and hoping to make it to level 30 to be closer to the 90 mark. When they finally reach level 30, the level cap is raised to 100. They try again and its raised to 110. I think it'll be too fast for them too and probably won't have much motivation to make it to level 90,100,110---. Now if it's a different case where's there's a level 90 for about a year, or at least 8-10 months, they would make it and have lots of motivation! With people asking for worlds after a week, yes a week, after a new world (live realm) it starts to get boring because you think you'll never make it. I'm feeling that right now, but I'm going to keep trying. Please Wizard101/ Kingsisle, stop releasing worlds so fast, I love your game and hope you're reading this so you understand. Thank you for reading, please comment below and tell me what you think about Wizard101 releasing worlds like this.. Here's something to show you how fast they've released worlds since 2010.

Celestia- Zafaria

1 year 


6 months 

Avalon- Azteca

6 months

6 months (a couple months to me) will be through soon, make sure you level through if they plan to release another world.. I'm hoping they aren't though. It would be VERY nice if they waited until the end of 2013. Again, tell me what you think about all of this, I would love to see everyone's opinions, if there's any bullying or bad language I will not publish your comment. Thank you for reading and see you around the Spiral!

February 27, 2013

Edward Cringle VS. Troggy

Ahoy Pirates!

Yes, I'm back with Edward Cringle! I didn't quest much today but I did fight a bunch of troggies! I didn't have a chance to finish, so I'm guessing Friday's post will be just like this with me fighting troggies lol. I'm very excited though, I didn't die once! No this isn't me being a hero, even though I did save a monkey from a roast... anyways... I couldn't believe this because on my Witchdoctor (and Buccaneer from Beta) died from them quite a few times. This must mean swashbuckler is just as great :) Here's pictures of my questing!

Getting ready to fight. Epic right? :{D

Subodai doing his epic hit on OCK!

I love my new weapon, hope to buy a new one at level 20!

After defeating the troggies, I received a quest to defeat a boss. I don't like this boss because he killed me many times, you can see if I survived that down below with more pictures :D You should know who won.

Oh wow! I have to save him right away!
I'm coming! x runs x

x shoots x



Gold Party! (No not baby- Kuzco) Lol!

No more troggy quests??

Well okay... I guess LOL

Okay. Looks like I have to prepare for battle, so you'll have to wait until Friday to see what happens! Wish me luck, I might not need it though since I made it this far. Until then, see ye around the Spiral.

Edward Firegem, Another Sidequest!

Hello Wizards!

Well, I leveled my fire wizard a little bit today, I'm still trying to get used to Wizard101 since I've been off quite awhile playing Pirate101. I am doing side quests for now and then soon getting back on my main questline and will start making posts about that. I'm trying to get a bunch of side quests from Avalon completed before I do start again on my main quest. Today I fought a myth boss.. Crazy, I forgot how strong the myth school was! Here's a few pictures of my fighting him. Was close to dying, didn't though.


Ouch! I'm wondering when I'll get a hit in..


Woot, Yeah! After a few large hits, I finally get him down enough to kill.

Had to use a wand to kill him LOL

Well, that was one day of questing, took 30 minutes though! It takes a long time to complete one side quest in Avalon. Which brings me to something. Lol you don't have to stay to read the rest because this is going to be some sort of rant. Well.. I'm sure you noticed the past few years Wizard101 has released a bunch of worlds within months! Well, when I started they were releasing one every year (not months), back then it was very exciting counting days to a new world so I leveled like crazy to prepare my wizards for the world. Now, lets fast-forward to 2011. In 2011, they started releasing worlds every few months and this started to get very confusing for me. They released ZF in 2011 and then Avalon last Summer. After that they released Azteca the same year which is VERY confusing.. Now I have that feeling they're about to release another world. You're releasing them way too fast! You are releasing them for people who play 24/7. I've actually noticed one time after a world was released, about a week, people were complaining about being done with the world and they wanted them to release a new world. I know, its unbelievable! Please slow down Kingsisle, some of us are getting behind and I love Wizard101, I even love the worlds you're releasing, I just think you're releasing them way too fast. Maybe its just me being used to the time frame you gave the worlds back in the golden days lol! I'm not mad, I just hope you're reading so you understand how I and I'm sure many others feel. Thank you for reading this rant and taking time out of your schedule :{D. See you around the Spiral.

February 25, 2013

Not really a bug!

Ahoy Pirates!

Well, when I was on the test realm yesterday, everything was loading and I logged into Edward C. in Mooshu. I loved the views I caught, its like pictures I have made a post about long ago, but its a better view to me! I usually make posts like these so anyone who wants a background or just a great picture! Here's the two pictures I have of Mooshu. I think Mooshu is beautiful, thank you Kingsisle for a great world!

Enjoy the pictures, yes, you can download them and keep them for yourself! See ye around the Spiral!

Online Safety Post (February 2013)

Hi there!

I wanted to make another online safety post for everyone so you know all of the safe ways to play Wizard101 and or Pirate101, also safety on social networks. I'm sure the wizards that's been here the longest at least read about five online safety posts from me since the beginning. Here's the sixth one! I hope this helps you, and if you have a friend that doesn't know, share this post with them if you can!

Online Safety is very important. Its better to stay safe online because there's a lot of people in the world that will ruin your online experience! Here's a few tips you'll need to follow for Social Networks and Games..

  • Online Games- Make sure you tell your parents that you're planning on playing any online game, even if its like Pirate101 or Wizard101 so they know what you're doing online. Another thing is when you start don't give away any personal information to anyone online. Some people online are not who they say they are! Don't give away this: Credit Card #, Passwords, User-Names, Where you live, Phone Numbers or anything personal. Please stay safe online.
  • Social Networks- If you're younger, you should also tell your parents when or if you're planning on joining a social network site. You should never give any personal information to strangers online! Please don't try think its okay to do this, its not!

Click on the online safety computer picture for more online safety tips! Stay safe in the Spiral and online!

February 24, 2013

Edward Cringle: From Puerto Mico to the Gold Mine!

Ahoy Pirates!

You're probably wondering what happened to Edward Cringle in the volcano right? Don't worry he's made it through, he's a hero, he has made it through the tough Volcano! He went through so fast that he couldn't even take picture of all the enemies he defeated.. I know you're jealous right? Lol okay. I'll stop kidding around now! After the Volcano I went to Captain Avery only to get a ticket to Puerto Mico!

Edward Cringle has arrived in Puerto Mico!

After arriving here in Puerto Mico, I was given a quest from a monkey to defeat ships. I was worried because these ships were a lot tougher than the ones close to Skull Island, here's what I went through!

Sailing to get to my quest, oh yeah a new ship!

Almost defeated! No, my crew wasn't defeated, almost though!

Okay, Now to go back to finish this outfit. I couldn't wait to see what it was to defeat these tough ships, I'm pretty sure its going to be epic right? Well maybe not. Here's a picture of it.... The things I do for monkeys!

What a great adventure eh? Well after finally dressing up.. in the weird costume? The monkeys told me more about the Gold Mine the next place that I have to go to.. I have no idea how bad this is going to be so you'll have to wait on an update in a few days. They told me its very bad. Wish me luck! Here's a picture..

See ye around the Spiral!

February 23, 2013

I'm back with Edward Firegem!

Hello Wizards!

I'm going to start making posts from now on while leveling my level 80 fire wizard, Edward Firegem. I want to make these posts to show all of you what I think about the world Azteca. Currently I'm almost level 81 at the end of Avalon. I haven't logged on to quest since last year, I decided to do that today. I didn't level on my main quest but I did a side quest in Avalon. I had to fight a boss to complete the quest..

Took 30 minutes to defeat his companion, and defeated him.

I kept thinking to myself, maybe its too hard and I shouldn't blog about Wizard101, and then I noticed something, something that might keep me here on Wizard101. You wouldn't believe what I won from him!

LOL! I'm kidding! The real reason I'm planning on staying is because I like the difficult quests, sometimes! I hope to level through Azteca with this character and get the awesome level 88 fire spell. Its one of my favorites. Keep looking for posts on this character every few days while doing side quests. I'll get back on my main quests hopefully in a few weeks. I'm very close to accessing Azteca. Wish me luck!! 

February 19, 2013

Pirate101 Rafflecopter Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Before I announce the contest winners, I want to tell you why I haven't been online much lately or making blog posts.. Life has been very busy, not a bad busy though! I'm an uncle to another baby my older sister had! She's so cute! Its pretty cool I have another niece. My family and I went to the hospital the day she had her, and I was there almost all day Friday! This is why I haven't made any good posts. Don't worry I didn't quit or have no plan to quit. I hope all of you had a great weekend. Okay now... to the contest winners. I would like you to look at your email if you see you have won. Here's the rafflecopter winners of four P101 cards from Walmart. All 4 of the cards cost $10 and come with 5,000 crowns or a month membership!

Congratulations winners! All four of you will be emailed your Pirate101 code! Please send a email back to me after you redeem it or if you are going to redeem it. I don't want it sitting there. Thank you :{D Oh yeah, the other contest winners will be announced sometime. I'm not giving a date just yet.. Thank you for reading.

February 16, 2013

Super Crowns Sale (Today- Ending Feb. 19th)

Hi there!

Kingsisle has another crowns sale that I'm a little bit late blogging about! It will end on February 18th at 11:59 CST! You should make sure you buy those crowns right away before it ends. You can have close to 50% bonus crowns when buying a crown purchase online! That's pretty good if you're planning on buying any new packs or an area that you've been wanting to buy for awhile. Here's more details!

Click the image or this link for more information! 

February 15, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm- February 2013

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Kingsisle released the test realm with many great updates/ improvements. They have new great talents for companions, new pets in the crowns shop, even a way to make sure the companions you don't like don't arrive in battle when fighting a tough boss! I haven't had a chance to test out all of the great updates but when the test realm is live again, you should download it and see the test realm. I certainly am! I really do hope to see you there testing all of the new things they have planned for us. Make sure to use the bug if you see one!

February 12, 2013

Edward Cringle's Questing: Captain Gunn's Treasure

Ahoy Pirates!

I've put this post off awhile because I was very busy, but I'm glad to finally make it today! A few days ago I started questing on my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. I quested through the Skull Island searching for Captain Gunn's Treasure and quested all the way to a volcano! I know, that sounds very dangerous.. Not for the tough, heroic Edward Cringle though!! :{D Here's a few pictures of my questing, Enjoy seeing how tough I am. I'm sure he's the toughest pirate ever! Level 10 Swashbuckler!

Before the Volcano,  I had to.. well.. show a witchdoctor who's Pirate!

Bonnie decided to hit and kill, awesome attack :)

Old Scratch surrendering! About time!

Yes I let him join the crew.

Bounty Island Dungeon..


I'm sure I'll win!

Do you see the gold coins? They say its gone though..

Wow, witchdoctor magic never fails :D

Off to the Volcano..

I think we'll have to save that for the next post. Here's a picture of my companion and the volcano though!

Until next time.. See ye around the Spiral!

February 10, 2013

Pirate101 Contests

Ahoy Pirates!  *Updated Post*

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to blog lately, I've been very busy! Don't worry though, I'm back :) I wanted to make an update post on all of the Pirate101 contests I'm having so far. I don't want anyone to lose track on all of the contests so I'm going to put them together in one post so you can view all of them!

Epic Photo Contest (Ends Friday March 22nd )
Click on the picture to view the blog post on details!

This is one of the contests I'm having! I'm giving away two $10 Pirate101 cards to the winners of the most epic Pirate101 contest. You have email me with a picture of your character, companion or anything else in the game that looks epic/ awesome to you through email. I will choose two winners March 22nd! There will be one other judge. Make sure to enter before this contest ends, you will have no more time. Sorry I've delayed all of this, I was very busy at the end of last month and beginning of this month. I am back though! Send an email of your epic photo at this email, if you have entered, please don't enter again. Only one picture.


Twitter Contest (Ends Saturday March 16th
Click the image for a link to this and RT this on Twitter!

This contest is a easy RT contest. You have to have a Twitter and RT this and make sure you're following @AroundTheSpiral 's Twitter when you do. If you aren't you won't be entered in the contest! Good luck :) I'm going to extend this contest until Saturday March 16th, also so you have time to RT this on time :{D

End of the Year Contest (Winners already announced)

Yes I had this contest long ago, I was very busy at the end of the year though. I will announce the winners of this contest Thursday. I will send your codes through email if you do win! There will be four winners! This was the last contest, it has ended though and the contest winners have been announced.

February 6, 2013

Wizard101 Rambles S2!

Hello Wizards!

Wow its been awhile since I said that :P How is the spiral treating you?! So far the other side of the Spiral (Pirate101) is great! Today I had a chance to visit this side of the Spiral after listening to Wizard101 Ramblers, only one of the best podcast ever! Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame are the ones who put it all together all of the rambling and mumbling, that's what makes the show great though! :) You should check it out sometime. Today they had their Season 2 premiere and it was great to listen in again since the last time I did was in December before Christmas! After the show they had an afterparty too, I was also looking forward to that. I downloaded Wizard101 again and logged in for the first time in months to join.

Group Photo,  Autumn Dreamwalker had to log out!

I was in PvP many times... We know who won though :{D

Picture with the famous Ian Stormstaff, Yes Famous Ian! :P
You can also see Diana in the picture, we all missed you Diana! 

Thanks Diana for saying hi to the readers! :)


Watching PVP, this was before I joined in on two battles :P One where Ian
chose me to join his team and another on accident with Jordan Sunflame!

Jordan and Marissa in PVP

Thanks for the great show and afterparty! I can't wait until S2 E2! Now... Its been a great 2 hours! :D 

See you around the Spiral..

~Edward Lifegem