February 2, 2013

Blogs/Sites to follow Feb. 2013

Hi there!

Welcome to another month of blog/sites to follow! I will do a post like this every single month to show the community how many great new sites, older sites there are. I love viewing lots of blogs and sites that are very great and they are blogging on their own time. Read or Hearing about great adventures to news that I don't even know about. Thank you all bloggers, site owners for all that you do! Here's the list of sites for the month of February that I would like you to view and or follow if you can!

Destiny's Travels

Destiny S. Devereaux owns this awesome blog with great news, interviews, fan-fiction and much more! Destiny submitted her site to me through email so I can post on today's Feb. 2013 blogs/sites to follow. Thank you Destiny for submitting your site! I hope all of you read/ follow this great blog!

Secrets of the Spiral

Autumn Dreamwalker/ Walker owns this awesome Wizard101/ Pirate101 blog! She has many great events, contests and information on this blog for all wizards and or pirates to enjoy. You should go over to her blog by clicking on the picture and follow/read her blog. Have fun :)

I'm sorry if I didn't mention your blog, I've mentioned so many blogs since 2011. IF you would like your blog to be mentioned on next months post (March 2013) please email me or use the contact info. below.




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Thanks for posting Travels! :)