February 27, 2013

Edward Cringle VS. Troggy

Ahoy Pirates!

Yes, I'm back with Edward Cringle! I didn't quest much today but I did fight a bunch of troggies! I didn't have a chance to finish, so I'm guessing Friday's post will be just like this with me fighting troggies lol. I'm very excited though, I didn't die once! No this isn't me being a hero, even though I did save a monkey from a roast... anyways... I couldn't believe this because on my Witchdoctor (and Buccaneer from Beta) died from them quite a few times. This must mean swashbuckler is just as great :) Here's pictures of my questing!

Getting ready to fight. Epic right? :{D

Subodai doing his epic hit on OCK!

I love my new weapon, hope to buy a new one at level 20!

After defeating the troggies, I received a quest to defeat a boss. I don't like this boss because he killed me many times, you can see if I survived that down below with more pictures :D You should know who won.

Oh wow! I have to save him right away!
I'm coming! x runs x

x shoots x



Gold Party! (No not baby- Kuzco) Lol!

No more troggy quests??

Well okay... I guess LOL

Okay. Looks like I have to prepare for battle, so you'll have to wait until Friday to see what happens! Wish me luck, I might not need it though since I made it this far. Until then, see ye around the Spiral.

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