February 27, 2013

Edward Firegem, Another Sidequest!

Hello Wizards!

Well, I leveled my fire wizard a little bit today, I'm still trying to get used to Wizard101 since I've been off quite awhile playing Pirate101. I am doing side quests for now and then soon getting back on my main questline and will start making posts about that. I'm trying to get a bunch of side quests from Avalon completed before I do start again on my main quest. Today I fought a myth boss.. Crazy, I forgot how strong the myth school was! Here's a few pictures of my fighting him. Was close to dying, didn't though.


Ouch! I'm wondering when I'll get a hit in..


Woot, Yeah! After a few large hits, I finally get him down enough to kill.

Had to use a wand to kill him LOL

Well, that was one day of questing, took 30 minutes though! It takes a long time to complete one side quest in Avalon. Which brings me to something. Lol you don't have to stay to read the rest because this is going to be some sort of rant. Well.. I'm sure you noticed the past few years Wizard101 has released a bunch of worlds within months! Well, when I started they were releasing one every year (not months), back then it was very exciting counting days to a new world so I leveled like crazy to prepare my wizards for the world. Now, lets fast-forward to 2011. In 2011, they started releasing worlds every few months and this started to get very confusing for me. They released ZF in 2011 and then Avalon last Summer. After that they released Azteca the same year which is VERY confusing.. Now I have that feeling they're about to release another world. You're releasing them way too fast! You are releasing them for people who play 24/7. I've actually noticed one time after a world was released, about a week, people were complaining about being done with the world and they wanted them to release a new world. I know, its unbelievable! Please slow down Kingsisle, some of us are getting behind and I love Wizard101, I even love the worlds you're releasing, I just think you're releasing them way too fast. Maybe its just me being used to the time frame you gave the worlds back in the golden days lol! I'm not mad, I just hope you're reading so you understand how I and I'm sure many others feel. Thank you for reading this rant and taking time out of your schedule :{D. See you around the Spiral.


Paige Dreamcloud said...

Nice post and I'm glad you posted the 'rant'. I am in complete agreement with you. I think the worlds are being released too fast as well. It gets harder and harder to keep up with the story, let alone keeping up with opening the worlds. Thanks to the generosity of the many amazing fansites (official and otherwise) and bloggers, I've been able to continue to play. But with the speed at which they are releasing worlds I'm not sure that will continue to help me keep up financially. Not to mention that the slower they release the new worlds, the more time they have to develop them and work out any kinks, bugs, or glitches. I know how it feels to play this game and to be so into the story that you want the newest world right now...but faster isn't always better. I'd take quality over quantity any day :)

Just Emma said...

I know that feeling! My aunt, a 24/7 player, complained to me about not leveling fast enough *rolls eyes*.
And I've heard (so I may be wrong) about some people complaining about releasing the next world when their five or six wizards haven't completed the newest one. Honestly, I just got finished with Dragonspyre!
Though I do also see how this a "Let's keep everyone interested in the game by releasing new worlds for them to quest in so we can make money" for KI kind of thing, cause they are a n RPG organization. But from your perspective I totally get this!

Otherwise, Avalon is so pretty! Good luck with side-questing! (A feeling that is certainly not nostalgic, lol).