February 23, 2013

I'm back with Edward Firegem!

Hello Wizards!

I'm going to start making posts from now on while leveling my level 80 fire wizard, Edward Firegem. I want to make these posts to show all of you what I think about the world Azteca. Currently I'm almost level 81 at the end of Avalon. I haven't logged on to quest since last year, I decided to do that today. I didn't level on my main quest but I did a side quest in Avalon. I had to fight a boss to complete the quest..

Took 30 minutes to defeat his companion, and defeated him.

I kept thinking to myself, maybe its too hard and I shouldn't blog about Wizard101, and then I noticed something, something that might keep me here on Wizard101. You wouldn't believe what I won from him!

LOL! I'm kidding! The real reason I'm planning on staying is because I like the difficult quests, sometimes! I hope to level through Azteca with this character and get the awesome level 88 fire spell. Its one of my favorites. Keep looking for posts on this character every few days while doing side quests. I'll get back on my main quests hopefully in a few weeks. I'm very close to accessing Azteca. Wish me luck!! 

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