February 25, 2013

Online Safety Post (February 2013)

Hi there!

I wanted to make another online safety post for everyone so you know all of the safe ways to play Wizard101 and or Pirate101, also safety on social networks. I'm sure the wizards that's been here the longest at least read about five online safety posts from me since the beginning. Here's the sixth one! I hope this helps you, and if you have a friend that doesn't know, share this post with them if you can!

Online Safety is very important. Its better to stay safe online because there's a lot of people in the world that will ruin your online experience! Here's a few tips you'll need to follow for Social Networks and Games..

  • Online Games- Make sure you tell your parents that you're planning on playing any online game, even if its like Pirate101 or Wizard101 so they know what you're doing online. Another thing is when you start don't give away any personal information to anyone online. Some people online are not who they say they are! Don't give away this: Credit Card #, Passwords, User-Names, Where you live, Phone Numbers or anything personal. Please stay safe online.
  • Social Networks- If you're younger, you should also tell your parents when or if you're planning on joining a social network site. You should never give any personal information to strangers online! Please don't try think its okay to do this, its not!

Click on the online safety computer picture for more online safety tips! Stay safe in the Spiral and online!

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