February 10, 2013

Pirate101 Contests

Ahoy Pirates!  *Updated Post*

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to blog lately, I've been very busy! Don't worry though, I'm back :) I wanted to make an update post on all of the Pirate101 contests I'm having so far. I don't want anyone to lose track on all of the contests so I'm going to put them together in one post so you can view all of them!

Epic Photo Contest (Ends Friday March 22nd )
Click on the picture to view the blog post on details!

This is one of the contests I'm having! I'm giving away two $10 Pirate101 cards to the winners of the most epic Pirate101 contest. You have email me with a picture of your character, companion or anything else in the game that looks epic/ awesome to you through email. I will choose two winners March 22nd! There will be one other judge. Make sure to enter before this contest ends, you will have no more time. Sorry I've delayed all of this, I was very busy at the end of last month and beginning of this month. I am back though! Send an email of your epic photo at this email, if you have entered, please don't enter again. Only one picture.


Twitter Contest (Ends Saturday March 16th
Click the image for a link to this and RT this on Twitter!

This contest is a easy RT contest. You have to have a Twitter and RT this and make sure you're following @AroundTheSpiral 's Twitter when you do. If you aren't you won't be entered in the contest! Good luck :) I'm going to extend this contest until Saturday March 16th, also so you have time to RT this on time :{D

End of the Year Contest (Winners already announced)

Yes I had this contest long ago, I was very busy at the end of the year though. I will announce the winners of this contest Thursday. I will send your codes through email if you do win! There will be four winners! This was the last contest, it has ended though and the contest winners have been announced.

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