February 6, 2013

Wizard101 Rambles S2!

Hello Wizards!

Wow its been awhile since I said that :P How is the spiral treating you?! So far the other side of the Spiral (Pirate101) is great! Today I had a chance to visit this side of the Spiral after listening to Wizard101 Ramblers, only one of the best podcast ever! Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame are the ones who put it all together all of the rambling and mumbling, that's what makes the show great though! :) You should check it out sometime. Today they had their Season 2 premiere and it was great to listen in again since the last time I did was in December before Christmas! After the show they had an afterparty too, I was also looking forward to that. I downloaded Wizard101 again and logged in for the first time in months to join.

Group Photo,  Autumn Dreamwalker had to log out!

I was in PvP many times... We know who won though :{D

Picture with the famous Ian Stormstaff, Yes Famous Ian! :P
You can also see Diana in the picture, we all missed you Diana! 

Thanks Diana for saying hi to the readers! :)


Watching PVP, this was before I joined in on two battles :P One where Ian
chose me to join his team and another on accident with Jordan Sunflame!

Jordan and Marissa in PVP

Thanks for the great show and afterparty! I can't wait until S2 E2! Now... Its been a great 2 hours! :D 

See you around the Spiral..

~Edward Lifegem

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