February 28, 2013

Wizard101 Worlds or Fast101 Worlds?

Hello Wizards,

I have played Wizard101 since August 2009. I heard about Wizard101 on cartoon network and thought (still do ) it was a pretty cool game that I really wanted to play! Currently I was looking for a nice online game and couldn't find one anywhere, its like I was supposed to play the game! I played through Celestia which was very exciting, Zafaria also exciting, I didn't level all the way through because of personal problems in real life though. A few months later, Avalon was released and only a couple wizards could actually make it through, my fire and my storm wizard. I was worried questing through, that I wouldn't have time, but I kept thinking there was no way they would release another world in the same year (2012). I was wrong, they released Azteca, for the very first time not one of my wizards were ready for this world.. Currently I'm leveling my fire wizard, Edward Firegem through Avalon so I can finally make it to Azteca...

Its difficult, but I'm hoping to complete Avalon very soon and make it to Azteca and level through before the next world is released. I have a bad feeling that I won't get to though. Lets go back in time again and think of the time frame between each new world.. Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon and Azteca.. some of the worlds took a matter of a year apart with release such as DS-Celestia and Celestia-Zafaria. Now that some people stay on a lot more than others can (I'm sure most of the people who play Wizard101) they are releasing worlds every few months. This is very confusing and there's no excitement up to the new world(s) release. I love all of the new worlds (characters, spells, design, just about everything), I just don't like that it's being released so fast. I love Wizard101 and Kingsisle, great game and the best game team ever! I just hope they get this message, that they are releasing way too fast. Lets think of the lower levels who are just starting the game. They are level one, and hoping to make it to level 30 to be closer to the 90 mark. When they finally reach level 30, the level cap is raised to 100. They try again and its raised to 110. I think it'll be too fast for them too and probably won't have much motivation to make it to level 90,100,110---. Now if it's a different case where's there's a level 90 for about a year, or at least 8-10 months, they would make it and have lots of motivation! With people asking for worlds after a week, yes a week, after a new world (live realm) it starts to get boring because you think you'll never make it. I'm feeling that right now, but I'm going to keep trying. Please Wizard101/ Kingsisle, stop releasing worlds so fast, I love your game and hope you're reading this so you understand. Thank you for reading, please comment below and tell me what you think about Wizard101 releasing worlds like this.. Here's something to show you how fast they've released worlds since 2010.

Celestia- Zafaria

1 year 


6 months 

Avalon- Azteca

6 months

6 months (a couple months to me) will be through soon, make sure you level through if they plan to release another world.. I'm hoping they aren't though. It would be VERY nice if they waited until the end of 2013. Again, tell me what you think about all of this, I would love to see everyone's opinions, if there's any bullying or bad language I will not publish your comment. Thank you for reading and see you around the Spiral!


Pirates in the Sky said...

I agree. I'm on the second quest of Azteca one ice. I'm in Celestia on life. I'm in Dragonspyre on storm. Yea... I can't even get anyone else past Unicorn Way it seems.

Duncan StormThief said...

I have to be honest about this. I don't agree at all. I think releasing rate is just right. I am plying through whole game with only one character. And from my point of view, after i go trough all game, and farm all items of interest, i stop playing. There isn't much to do at all. But lets say i do play with multiple characters and i am at the beginning of the game, and KI is about to release two new worlds (this is just an example). I would't mind, as my concern is, i am playing this game and i will play it until i found it enjoyable. There is probably chance that there will be released 3 new worlds till i get to Azteca, but that is just another plus. Ill have the chance to play as much as i want. But if i come to an end of story, and i don't have anything interesting to do, ill stop paying and playing till new world release. Isn't that basic meaning of the game, to give you goal to reach. After you reach that goal there isn't anything for you to do. My point is, that i can't see how new releases affects anyone that's playing, whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of the game, you will be there, not regarding whether new world is released or not. Only one that affects new releases are player that already finished previous world. And i think that majority of KI players are on the same page as me.

Nicholas LionRider said...

The thing is it was the demand. My friend Tyler (refered to as the Chezz) did his Avalon playthrough and although it wasn't quick it wasn't because of the world length. The reason was his schedule of very heavily editing quality videos. Do to not enough space he had to chill on doing all of Avalon at once. I see two kinds of 101 players. The blow through as quick as possible and the relaxed I need to do other things but Ill catch up, players. KI is following demand of the "content now!" players. Making quick content that is good, which also leaves room for the layed back players to catch up. But overall KI is just making content. You did leave out in between Wysteria, Wintertusk, all of Pirate101 to stall the fast paste players.

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, I agree. Lets take the people who do quest fast, they are not thinking about people who aren't on as much as they are, just like I (one of those who aren't on as much) aren't really thinking about those who quest fast. I think there should be a longer/shorter length of time than there was back in 2010. Less than a year but longer than 6 months, maybe 9 months lol. I just don't think Kingsisle should release a world every single 6 months because there's no excitement to it anymore, more like: HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE WORLD. I think there should be a lot of excitement to a world before its release and seeing the PvP situation, I'm thinking Kingsisle has no problem to fix it because they are constantly releasing worlds.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I can sort of see both sides of this argument. I understand that KI is a company and they need to keep players interested in order to make money. However the worlds are being released too quickly for me. I like relaxed questing, but I also dont like to get too far behind. And when worlds are released so quickly, it starts to make a fun hobby feel more like a job. Also, I would rather KI take time to pay attention to details for new worlds (free furniture, housing items, pvp arenas, etc) and release everything at once. Also, the people who buy areas with crowns, it probably makes it harder for them to stay caught up. I understand about getting bored if content isnt released quickly enough. But I think there is plenty of stuff to keep busy if you really want to. I guess my biggest thing is that I would rather new worlds be released further apart with more detail and less bugs. (Unless it's a world inhabited by insects :P ) My belief is quality over quantity. But hey....No matter what I think about the rate of new releases, KI is still the best game team ever! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, agree 100% Autumn. I wish they would take their time also, they are my favorite game team (the best in my words), I sent them the link to this post and I think they have read it. I am glad they did, hey, one person making an opinion is good, no one though, not so good. They will think that its okay to release worlds on the timing of those who want a new world one week after one is released. I would never make that up lol, I believe I read it somewhere on Facebook after they released Zafaria or Avalon. Its crazy that anyone would want a world that fast. Not everyone has time to play so much and they should think of those who don't and who do. Together, maybe make a time frame all enjoy. I wouldn't mind 9 months, 6 months though... I have nothing to look forward to with Wizard101 Test Realm, I can't even access the worlds. I log into the test realm to purchase new mounts to see what they look like though. I hope one day they do pay attention to those who aren't level so fast they aren't even paying attention to what's going on lol.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you for your comment Duncan, as said yesterday on Twitter, I agree with both views. I think that they are releasing them too fast for players who want the game as a hobby, and before wasn't releasing them fast enough for those who are on a lot more. People level too fast, and it gets boring waiting for worlds. They'll have to figure out a time frame that fits both. I don't think it should be too fast or too slow. I would prefer it being slow though, maybe everyone could get their characters through lol.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Yes, 9ish months would be good :) Or maybe 7-8 months and keep it in test longer to find/fix more bugs before it goes live. I just know a lot of people who have more than one wizard and it takes awhile to level that many wizards through the newer worlds. I would like to eventually have every school, but Idk if I would get too over-whelmed at this rate.

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