March 29, 2013

Spring Pet Contest Winners


Before I announce the winners, I would like to thank all of you who entered the contest, with the submitted emails there were a lot of nice words about the contest. I'm very glad all of you enjoyed the contest and I hope to have another contest like this again. I'm sure a lot of you are probably wondering where all of the pets are right? Well, I hid six of them around the blog. They were hidden in pages and posts from this month. Here's all of the links to all six of the pets I hid around the blog.

Pet #1

Pet #2

Pet #3

Pet #4

Pet #5

Pet #6

31 of you found the pets, congratulations! There are two parts of the contest, the second was to find all six of the pets around the blog and then submit it so you can be entered in the drawing. 10 of you won this part of the contest and you all get 5,000 Crowns and a Spring Pet on Pirate101. Congratulations winners!

Check your email for your code! I'll send it soon. Thank you everyone for entering this contest, and thank you Kingsisle/ Tom for supplying the codes for this awesome contest. It was a lot of fun :)

March 28, 2013

Blogs/ Sites to follow March 2013

Hi there,

I have delayed making this post since I have quite a few blogs, sites and podcasts I'm going to mention. I'm not going to say too much about all of the sites because I have a lot to go through, you'll have to see all of the special things about each and every site yourself! Enjoy and please follow these sites, they are all great!

Tales of the Spiral

Tales of the Spiral is a very popular blog by Blaze Shadowhorn! He blogs about Wizard101, Wizard101 UK and Pirate101. Make sure to click on the image above to view his blog and follow once you get there!

Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite is another great blog/site ran by Ian Stormstaff! I'm sure most of you know Ian, you know he's famous, Lol I'm sure Ian will notice this, Hey Ian! Anyways, please join this great blog!

Talkin' the Plank and Taking a Wizard

Join Luke Andreen and Brandon King on the Official Pirate101 Podcast, Talkin' the Plank, with lots of important great news, their questing, and a bunch of randomness! Talkin' The Plank is a great podcast and deserves lots of attention, if you're reading this, make sure to click on the image to learn more about Talkin' the Plank and a great new contest they are having (3-28-13.. they are giving away 5k crowns and a Spring Pet, listen to their recent podcast to learn how you enter). You can also join Luke Andreen on Taking a Wizard!

Frost Caller

Another great Wizard101, Wizard101 Uk and Pirate101 blog by Frost Caller, make sure to check this blog out because it has a lot of great information, contests and posts! Thank you for submitting your blog! :)

Wizard101 Ramblers

Wizard101 Ramblers is a Wizard101 Podcast by Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame, they are very funny and I bet all of you wizards out there will enjoy this random Wizard101 podcast :) Keep reading my blog for more about Wizard101 Ramblers. Hopefully I'll have an interview with them soon!

Wizard101 World

Wizard101 World is an official Wizard101 UK blog made by Antonio Lotusblood with special contests, news and online safety tips. Mason Swiftblade recently joined Wizard101 World (you can see his post on the image above or by clicking the image). Follow this blog once you get there, its pretty epic!

March 27, 2013

Edward VS. The Summer Palace

Ahoy Pirates!

I started questing Edward Cringle again this week, I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I've been having too much fun with the Pet Hunt :) I'm back and blogging again though about my questing adventures with Edward Cringle. As you see in the Title I had to go to a dungeon called The Summer Palace! I know this dungeon from bad experience on my other characters. There's no way I'll no longer think that because I leveled right through there, I was very surprised that I made it through there. I wasn't defeated once!

I had to defeat ships before, I finally made it to the drains of the Summer Palace!

These crabs have no chance of surviving. Yes my companion was promoted!

We made it out of the drains, you know these monkeys won't make it.

I've never called your kind short, have I?

We all know how this ended!

I didn't want to blog too much about defeating the boss, he's very rude and doesn't deserve that much attention. Anyways lol.. I'm very glad I made it through this dungeon without dying. I'm hoping there won't be anymore dungeons, I have a feeling there will be a few more dungeons in this world. Wish me luck! If you're wondering what next posts will be about, here's the picture of a hint what I'm going to do next!

Epic Photo Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm sorry I delayed announcing the winners of this contest for so long, I was very busy. I promise this will never happen again, so don't worry :) Thank you all for your entries and being so patient! Here's the winners of the Epic Photo contest, they will receive a $10 Pirate101 Gift Card good for 5k Crowns or a Pirate101 Membership. Here's their epic photo entries! Autumn Dreamwalker and I were the judges of this contest.

Cunning Aedan Morgan

Valerian Xiriga 

Congratulations you two! Make sure to watch your emails for your gift card codes. I'll send them soon. Thank you all for entering this contest, I'll have a lot more contests this year, so there's no worry! :)

March 25, 2013

Wizardly Awards

Hello Wizards,

Last night the Wizardly Awards happened and there was so many people, there were some that had to stay in another house! It was very crazy. I have a few pictures before showing the list of winners. It was crazy and a lot of fun. I think it was a great way to get the community together (lots of people in the community)!

Welcome to the Wizardly Awards! 

Look at all of the Wizards!

Last picture of the day! Its night?! 

I didn't get as much pictures as I wanted to but I'm glad I had a chance to take these three pictures! Thanks for the Awards show Angel Ice and Lindsey Goldengrove, it was awesome! I love how you decorated the myth house, it was epic. It would take forever for me to decorate the myth house for the Awards Show.

List of Winners

Alexander Lionheart- Best Puns

Legends of the Spiral- Best Fansite

Kelsey Fireheart- Wizard of the Year

Alexander Lionheart- Best PVPer

Paige Moonshade- Twizard of the Year

Me- Twizard Support of the Year (thanks everyone)

Kelsey Fireheart- Most Dedicated Twizard

Kelsey Fireheart- Most Tweets

That was awesome! Thanks again for voting me for Twizard Supporter of the Year, it really means a lot. I would have made a speech last night but it was unexpected. I can't believe I won! Thanks for all of your votes and most of all, thanks for this event. It was a lot of fun :) Oh... before I end the post. Make sure to click the link below for a Harlem Shake Youtube video made by Angel Ice. It's epic! :) Like, Share, Subscribe!

Before you click on that link, look at the award Tabitha Sword made me! :)
Thank you Tabitha! This really means a lot :)

March 23, 2013

Spring Pet Contest Update

Ahoy Pirates,

I just wanted to make an update with this contest and tell you what you need to find and not find. I added something yesterday to make it a little difficult to find the pets. Peeps! Yes, I've added a lot of them. They aren't counted as pets though, if you find a peep, it isn't counted as a pet. You have to look for certain pets which I will post down below. Here's details of what you need to find and not find.

Peeps VS. Pets

  • Peeps- If you find a peep, they aren't counted as pets. They are here to confuse you and they tell you to keep looking for the pets. You have to find all 6 of the pets which I will post down below!
  • Pets- You must find 6 pets, all of which are below. After you find all 6 of the pets, you have to send an email to and provide links where you found the pets. You will be entered in a drawing to win 5,000 Crowns and a new Spring Pet! All pets are hidden, none are hidden in posts before this week. Don't look through last year's content to find a pet. You won't find one. Look through this week's posts and last week's posts. You can also look through pages up above this post below the title of this blog! Send an email after you find ALL of the pets and provide the links in one email, not several different emails.

Pets you need to Find before sending an Email

Step 1: Search through blog (this week's posts and pages below title) and find all 6 of the pets above Avoid all of the Peeps, if you find a Peep that doesn't mean you found a pet. You have to find the pets above!
Step 2: Send an email to and provide links on where you found the pets.
Step 3: All of you who have sent an email will be entered in a drawing to win 5,000 Crowns and a new Spring Pet, Ten of you will win! You have until this Friday to enter so don't worry about rushing!

I'll make another update post if needed, this post should answer all of your questions! Good luck and tell your friends about this contest. Please don't tell them where you found the pets though, it'll ruin the hunt.

March 22, 2013

Springtime Pet Hunt!

Ahoy Pirates!

Its getting close to Easter and a lot of people have Easter Egg Hunts on Easter right? Well here's something new, Lets have a Springtime Pet Hunt! I think this would be a fun activity for everyone. If you don't know what Springtime Pets are, make sure to click the pet down below and then read the contest details.

Springtime Pet Hunt

  • I will hide 6 different pets around the site, they won't be too difficult to find. Once you find them all you need to email and tell me all of the locations you found the pet with links (don't tell anyone else if you find them, if you do that'll ruin the fun of the contest and I'll change the locations of the pets). After that, I'll enter everyone who found the location of the pet in a randomizer list and pick 10 winners! Yes 10. You're probably wondering what you can win, well. Thanks to Kingsisle and our community manager One-Eyed Jack, I'm giving away 5,000 crowns with a new random Springtime Pet! If you win a code, please remember the code can only be redeemed on one account! Look down below for more details on the contest without the paragraph :)

When does the Contest Start and End?

This contest starts at 12:00 P.M. CST when I hide the pets throughout the site. It'll end 3/29/13 at 12:00 P.M. a few days before Easter! Make sure you find all of the pets during this time, you have one week!

What can I win?

One of 10 codes that has 5,000 Crowns and a new random Springtime pet. All of the codes that Tom gave me are random so that means you have a chance of getting one of the 6 new pets. Good luck!

What kind of pets will I be hiding?

All of the new pets, 6 all together. You'll have to find 6 pets on this site. Click the picture of the pet above to see what kind of pets you'll be searching for. Look at the pictures below for the pets I'll be hiding! 

How do I enter?

Enter by finding all of the pets, send an email to when you found them all and provide links on where you found them. If you tell anyone I'll switch all of the pets locations (I'll give you an update on this post if I do). Please don't tell anyone so I don't have to do that.

March 21, 2013

Springtime Pets!

Ahoy Pirates!

Can you believe it? Kingsisle released Springtime Pets on Pirate101! I think its pretty cool, I have to say I love the purple and green buffaloon! I think the Springtime Pets are just like Easter, I was so excited when I found out about them. I want one and can't wait to get one. Before I keep going, here's what Kingsisle said.

Just in time for Spring, the Marshadillows have arrived in Pirate101! These Sweet and sugary pets have brought some their other spring time pets friends along with the Pink Chocolope, Blue Chocolope, Batik Eggaloon and Purple Polkaloon. Want one of these fun Spring Time pets for your Pirate? Head on over to the crowns shop and pick out your favorite spring pet! Don't wait though, these spring time pets are only available for a limited time.

Peeps! Lol reminds me of them :) Click the Marshadillows for more information on Springtime Pets!

Well, you should head on to the crowns shop and buy some, and let me tell ye something before I end the post.. Tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to announce a new contest, make sure to look for that. It'll be eggtastic? :D See you around the hunt! Spiral! Enjoy your new Spring Pets :)

March 20, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm!

Ahoy Pirates,

The Pirate101 Test Realm has opened with Stitching! What is stitching? Well if you're getting tired of weird looking gear and you see other gear you would like to have instead with the same stats of the gear you don't like because of its looks, you can stitch where your new gear has the cool looks and regular stats! I think its the best thing that could be added on Pirate101, other than the bazaar of course :) You should go test that now and tell Kingsisle what you think about it and report bugs if you see any! It costs 100 crowns to stitch one thing, such as a hat to another hat! Kingsisle provided helpful hints on how to stitch, I'll post them on this blog also! You have to have a membership or spent $6 to access the test realm.

Step 1

Select the item you want to use for the Appearance

Step 2

Select the Item you want to use for the Stats.

Step 3

Click create and you'll have have a whole new outfit (one by one) with the look and stats combined in one!

Click this image to read more about Stitching and other updates on the Test Realm

I hope to see you in the test realm, Stitching is a very good thing for Pirate101! See you around the Spiral!

March 19, 2013

New Gear

Hello Wizards!

I'm sure you heard that Wizard101 released another pack, Shaman's Lore Pack, it looks like it has some pretty cool looking gear, pets and spells! I asked myself something though. Why game card packs? A few years ago Kingsisle had main level gears that you could farm a boss for and at the time it was epic gear. Now though, a lot has changed. I love the game card packs but I think Kingsisle should release the gear with bosses now.

Don't get me wrong, I love the new gear with all of the packs, they are very epic! This goes along with the world release rate though. They haven't released any good gear (from what I can see) with any of the new worlds. They release it with crowns packs though. I know crowns gear is always supposed to be better than the normal gear you farm from a boss but.. Its weird to see people who can't buy crowns and can only purchase members have level 58/ 60 gear on and you find out they're level 90. People who can purchase crowns can get all of the good gear. Since the gear in the crowns shop is really the only good gear you can get, it makes it unfair to the other players who only purchase memberships. I'm one of the people who doesn't have crowns at all times. Please take your time releasing worlds so you can have time to make some good gear for those who can only purchase a membership. This is a blog and yes, I do make posts like these sometimes, I have to. I won't buy this pack (25 crowns), so I'll have to see what I can do on my fire when reaching Azteca. Please, with the next world (hopefully not too soon), release some nice gear!

March 17, 2013

Pirate101 St. Patrick's Day Contest Code

Ahoy Pirates,

I really want to thank you for all of the fun on this contest! Keep liking and following Around the Spiral on Facebook and Twitter for future contests. This has to be my favorite contest and here's the short post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you haven't make sure to enter the raffle contest, that's one last chance to get a code for 5,000 crowns and 5,000 Pirate101 Gold. Congratulations to everyone who has won a code, I gave out about 15 codes I believe and it was a lot of fun giving them out :) Thank ye for being a great community! See ye around the Spiral!


Yeah, that's not it though, here you go! :D I had to hide this code in a new blog post :)

Code already redeemed.

5,000 Crowns and 5,000 Pirate101 Gold

Can only be redeemed on one account.

Give a special thanks to our Pirate101 Community manager, Tom Purdue/ Kingsisle for this contest!

March 16, 2013

Goodbye Mason's Journal/ The Life of a Wizard

Hello UK Wizards!

I don't make much Wizard101 UK posts (Wizard101 US also), I really wanted to after reading Wizard101 UK community manager Emy Anemsalok's recent blog post though, kind of copying.. As you probably know Mason Swiftblade has decided to stop blogging. I can't believe this though because its crazy to see Mason (Tyler) stop blogging! His blog is another reason I really love continuing blogging so long. Its very sad to see that he has decided to stop blogging but I know this for sure, he has a great future ahead! I consider him one of my best friends and I'm glad to see he's planning on staying in the community for now. If he left then it would really be a sad post. I think the world needs more people like Mason, he's never made me upset and he's got to be the coolest person I've met online! Thanks Mason for everything you have done for the Wizard101 UK, Wizard101 US and Pirate101 community :) I'm glad I'm good friends with you and I'm sure a lot of other peeps reading this are too!

I always love reading your blog, and I will continue to even though you aren't blogging anymore! I'm going to read some of the old posts you have made and remember the old/good times! :{D 

Edward's first quest in Monquista!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to make a post about Edward Cringle in awhile, I actually haven't had a chance to level since I'm having the huge contest this weekend! Its crazy but a lot of fun :) Today I finally was able to level a little bit on one quest that I really wanted to complete. Edward VS. Monkey.. I know it should have been the title of this post! You'll know why after finishing this post.. Now for pictures :D

This should be easy, no fighting yet :D

Time to go inside, I have a feeling everything's going to be okay :D

You don't have to read the letter out loud..

Oh wow, really? Prepare for your defeat!

We will win this battle!

Okay, that's rude!

My companion is mad now!

Lol I'm sure you know who won this fight, we did! I don't understand why they would do something like that, and believe it or not, we let Gortez free! He helped us win the battle though. Not too upset..

Last Monkey, I told you to prepare for your defeat!

Well I'm glad you're not planning on defeating me again!

That was kind of fun, I can't believe the monkeys in this world! Trying to defeat me. Lol well, I guess I'll see you again soon. I'll make a new post tomorrow or Monday. Until then I'll see you around the Spiral. Oh make sure you check out the contest okay?! Its a lot of fun :) Here's a link to the contest post!