March 28, 2013

Blogs/ Sites to follow March 2013

Hi there,

I have delayed making this post since I have quite a few blogs, sites and podcasts I'm going to mention. I'm not going to say too much about all of the sites because I have a lot to go through, you'll have to see all of the special things about each and every site yourself! Enjoy and please follow these sites, they are all great!

Tales of the Spiral

Tales of the Spiral is a very popular blog by Blaze Shadowhorn! He blogs about Wizard101, Wizard101 UK and Pirate101. Make sure to click on the image above to view his blog and follow once you get there!

Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite is another great blog/site ran by Ian Stormstaff! I'm sure most of you know Ian, you know he's famous, Lol I'm sure Ian will notice this, Hey Ian! Anyways, please join this great blog!

Talkin' the Plank and Taking a Wizard

Join Luke Andreen and Brandon King on the Official Pirate101 Podcast, Talkin' the Plank, with lots of important great news, their questing, and a bunch of randomness! Talkin' The Plank is a great podcast and deserves lots of attention, if you're reading this, make sure to click on the image to learn more about Talkin' the Plank and a great new contest they are having (3-28-13.. they are giving away 5k crowns and a Spring Pet, listen to their recent podcast to learn how you enter). You can also join Luke Andreen on Taking a Wizard!

Frost Caller

Another great Wizard101, Wizard101 Uk and Pirate101 blog by Frost Caller, make sure to check this blog out because it has a lot of great information, contests and posts! Thank you for submitting your blog! :)

Wizard101 Ramblers

Wizard101 Ramblers is a Wizard101 Podcast by Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Sunflame, they are very funny and I bet all of you wizards out there will enjoy this random Wizard101 podcast :) Keep reading my blog for more about Wizard101 Ramblers. Hopefully I'll have an interview with them soon!

Wizard101 World

Wizard101 World is an official Wizard101 UK blog made by Antonio Lotusblood with special contests, news and online safety tips. Mason Swiftblade recently joined Wizard101 World (you can see his post on the image above or by clicking the image). Follow this blog once you get there, its pretty epic!

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