March 3, 2013

Edward Cringle beats Gold Mine!

Ahoy Pirates!

I have good news and bad news. I'll tell you the good news first though, Edward Cringle got through all of the tough battles and beat Gold Mine! Of course it wasn't too easy though. Troggies, armada, monkeys and a Gorilla fought me all the way through! What did I do to deserve all of this? I'll show you down below :P

I had to fight 6 armada soldiers first.. and then I had to find a boss!

When we got to him, he kept shooting me, I wasn't worried about dying though!

I finally defeated the rude Armada soldiers/captain and made it to the main dungeon of the Gold Mine. I don't really like this dungeon. You wouldn't believe it but I actually talked to my Pirate parents! They were in spirit though. They want me to look for them by their graves in a shiny city? Hmm we'll have to see what they mean...

The area I talked to my parents. Beautiful huh?

After hearing the spirits of my parents, I had to fight Gortez... As I said yesterday I didn't want to die because I would have to blog about it. Well, I died once! I wasn't expecting to die though. The first time it ended up with him having 8 health left and I could hit, I was laughing because I knew I would win. Well, the tables turned when he blocked my hit! I was so upset, when that happened he hit me with a critical hit. I went in the dungeon a second time (still had to defeat Gortez), I finally defeated him. I'm not going to show all of the pictures because all together there's about 30 pictures! I'll give you one picture though with his defeat!

Good Game Gortez!

That was fun, I hope you got through all of the reading! You won't believe this but I'm actually planning on making another post tomorrow. I'm just about done with Skull Island. I'll be in the next world soon. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral!


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