March 12, 2013

Edward Cringle makes it to Monquista!

Ahoy Pirates,

That's right, you read it right, Edward has finally made it to Monquista! It wasn't too hard making it there. When I was on my witchdoctor I had to defeat countless number of Marleybone ships. This time was different, I only had to defeat one! I guess Kingsisle knew I wanted to make a blog post today (kidding), I'm glad it didn't take long though! I didn't quest long today but I did quest long enough to make it Monquista. As always here's all of the pictures!

Only had to defeat this one Marleybone ship!

There it is!!! Oh my Pirate!

That's right, I'm here! Finally :)

Not only did I make it here, I also met a queen and king monkey! Well it wasn't that exciting... :P

That was a lot of fun I guess, they sent me on another quest though.. Not going to post that until the next post though! Until then, you'll have to wait. See ye around the Spiral and please look at the picture below :{D

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