March 2, 2013

Edward Cringle's adventure in the Gold Mine

Ahoy Pirates!

I am making this post earlier than I thought I would because I will actually be busy tonight! I will make a part two post tomorrow :) Right now Edward Cringle is questing through the Gold mine.. I think its a little difficult, I've been through this area at least three times since playing Pirate101 Beta. I'm at the very difficult area. Don't worry though, you know Edward Cringle will make it through because he has saved a bunch of people in the past right? You can see that on my other blog posts with Edward Cringle! So far I believe Edward C. has only died once or twice, I'm doing very good so far! I'm actually surprised because by this region I'm in Edward (my witchdoctor) was defeated about 10 times! Okay... Now time for a lot of pictures, enjoy! :D

Yes the Troggies, had to defeat them again! 

Weird! Electrical Sun/ Moon?? :D

Oh no...

Yes I had to stop here! The game starts to get difficult up to this point so I'll need a lot of time tonight to level through so I can make the post tomorrow. Wish me luck, I'm hoping I don't die, I'll have to blog about it if I do and I know you'll be surprised since I haven't died much.. Okay I'll stop bragging :) See ye tomorrow!

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