March 1, 2013

Edward Firegem VS. Another Sidequest!

Hello Wizards!

Yes, I'm still side questing, trying to level as much as I can before I gain access to Azteca. I'm a little worried though, I'm hoping that I level through Azteca before the next world is released. I'm sure you read a lot about that on my Wizard101 rant post! I'm not mad about the worlds though, just about how fast they're being released for certain people. Okay, now.. Before I rant again, I'm going to make this post about Firegem! I didn't die, I had to fight a storm boss and he had a storm minion. They were attacking me a lot, its like they wanted me to die! LOL, okay that's the point, but you know.. Why would they want me to die? :D

As soon as I arrived in battle, they started attacking me a lot, here's one example.

Another example, yes Triton, I see they know I've been gone awhile..

Just in case you're wondering who's being rude to me. Yeah I told on you!

Of course I couldn't let them attack me like that though.. I ended up defeating them!

Have you ever had this happen to you.. when you log into the game and ready to attack the boss and have all of your spells together, and when you run into battle they attack you like crazy? Happens to me all of the time, I always end up defeating them though! I can't believe they thought they could defeat me. I'm fire, Fire is one of the strongest schools in the Spiral (not saying storm isn't). I ended up getting 25,000 XP so I'm closer to level 81. I believe my next post will be about making it to 81 so get ready! I'll try to make better posts in the future, I'm sure I'm a noob next to most of ya! Wish me luck in the Spiral everyone :)

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Unknown said...

Good luck in the spiral ed and hope you make it to lvl 81 soon