March 16, 2013

Edward's first quest in Monquista!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to make a post about Edward Cringle in awhile, I actually haven't had a chance to level since I'm having the huge contest this weekend! Its crazy but a lot of fun :) Today I finally was able to level a little bit on one quest that I really wanted to complete. Edward VS. Monkey.. I know it should have been the title of this post! You'll know why after finishing this post.. Now for pictures :D

This should be easy, no fighting yet :D

Time to go inside, I have a feeling everything's going to be okay :D

You don't have to read the letter out loud..

Oh wow, really? Prepare for your defeat!

We will win this battle!

Okay, that's rude!

My companion is mad now!

Lol I'm sure you know who won this fight, we did! I don't understand why they would do something like that, and believe it or not, we let Gortez free! He helped us win the battle though. Not too upset..

Last Monkey, I told you to prepare for your defeat!

Well I'm glad you're not planning on defeating me again!

That was kind of fun, I can't believe the monkeys in this world! Trying to defeat me. Lol well, I guess I'll see you again soon. I'll make a new post tomorrow or Monday. Until then I'll see you around the Spiral. Oh make sure you check out the contest okay?! Its a lot of fun :) Here's a link to the contest post!

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