March 27, 2013

Epic Photo Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm sorry I delayed announcing the winners of this contest for so long, I was very busy. I promise this will never happen again, so don't worry :) Thank you all for your entries and being so patient! Here's the winners of the Epic Photo contest, they will receive a $10 Pirate101 Gift Card good for 5k Crowns or a Pirate101 Membership. Here's their epic photo entries! Autumn Dreamwalker and I were the judges of this contest.

Cunning Aedan Morgan

Valerian Xiriga 

Congratulations you two! Make sure to watch your emails for your gift card codes. I'll send them soon. Thank you all for entering this contest, I'll have a lot more contests this year, so there's no worry! :)


Aedan Morgan/Aaron Starheart said...

Woot I won! Thanks for the great contest. Sorry the quality on the photo was so low it sent as a photo email instead of an attachment, If you want I could send you the high-res version.

BlackQuantumX said...

Wow, I didnt think I Won :P But I have to admit, I did think my shot was pretty darn epic lol. Thanks Edward for a great contest XD