March 16, 2013

Goodbye Mason's Journal/ The Life of a Wizard

Hello UK Wizards!

I don't make much Wizard101 UK posts (Wizard101 US also), I really wanted to after reading Wizard101 UK community manager Emy Anemsalok's recent blog post though, kind of copying.. As you probably know Mason Swiftblade has decided to stop blogging. I can't believe this though because its crazy to see Mason (Tyler) stop blogging! His blog is another reason I really love continuing blogging so long. Its very sad to see that he has decided to stop blogging but I know this for sure, he has a great future ahead! I consider him one of my best friends and I'm glad to see he's planning on staying in the community for now. If he left then it would really be a sad post. I think the world needs more people like Mason, he's never made me upset and he's got to be the coolest person I've met online! Thanks Mason for everything you have done for the Wizard101 UK, Wizard101 US and Pirate101 community :) I'm glad I'm good friends with you and I'm sure a lot of other peeps reading this are too!

I always love reading your blog, and I will continue to even though you aren't blogging anymore! I'm going to read some of the old posts you have made and remember the old/good times! :{D 


Unknown said...

We'll miss your blogging Mason! :(

Mason S. said...

aww thanks edward :D

your one of my best friends on here as well :D lol the stuff we talk about loool