March 13, 2013

My Pirate101 Ideas!


Lately I've been thinking about the next Pirate101 world and what Kingsisle has planned for us. They haven't announced anything yet about a new world (Kingsisle only knows), I am still excited though. If you're reading this post I'm sure you know that Pirate101 is only the best game ever! I think Pirate101 is very interesting, it has a lot of detail into it! Crazy amounts of detail. This is one of the things I love about the game, you don't get bored after leveling to 50 and starting a new school over. I keep asking myself, if its great now, how great will it be in the future? I usually answer myself and say its going to be a very popular game (it already is). I also wonder what kind of things they are going to have in the game in the future. I really wanted to write down my idea list to see if they come true in the future. I'll update this post if they do!

More Holiday Items

It doesn't take Avery to see that all Pirates love gold! I think more holiday items would be great for Pirate101. Our community manager, one eyed Jack, has said that there are more holiday items to be added. I don't know if that meant Christmas, or all holidays but I'm hoping all holidays. I had to post the image above because I know leprechauns aren't the only ones that love treasure right pirates? I think St. Patrick's day would be a great addition to Pirate101, who knows what items they would add though.. This is only one example, I can't image what Kingsisle has planned for holidays on Pirate101!

Dyed Mounts

They had this option in the beta testing. I think this would be a great addition even if it cost crowns to dye your mounts. I would love to see my mount matching my flag color. There are new mounts in the crowns shop that are different colors, I would love to see the mounts that you can buy now change colors too. Not the turtles or anything, just have it like it was in Beta where only a select few from the crowns shop can be dyed. I loved this idea and hope it does come back to Pirate101. I don't think it will but here's posting about it hoping it will. I hope I can update this part of the post in the future! Anyways, thank ye for reading this little idea post, not really a post but I just wanted to get it out there so I can update it in the future (hopefully).


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Ooh, I love the idea of dying mounts to match our colors. I have been saying this since I started W101. I wish I had noticed this feature in beta :P

Nicholas LionRider said...

That would be cool. Worlds I am pretty much completely betting on MB AND Aquilla. Blind Mew said, that the next world will be a war story and MB and VL are at a war and along with that he said at the end of his second post on an interview that "It's an epic -- or two!". Last word being two. Two worlds. Which is brand new and along with that Aquilla and Marleybone both use the same windstone. So I think it would be a cool change of events that Avery could let you pick which world you want to do. Kinda like Colossus Boul. or start Krokotopia right away.