March 20, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm!

Ahoy Pirates,

The Pirate101 Test Realm has opened with Stitching! What is stitching? Well if you're getting tired of weird looking gear and you see other gear you would like to have instead with the same stats of the gear you don't like because of its looks, you can stitch where your new gear has the cool looks and regular stats! I think its the best thing that could be added on Pirate101, other than the bazaar of course :) You should go test that now and tell Kingsisle what you think about it and report bugs if you see any! It costs 100 crowns to stitch one thing, such as a hat to another hat! Kingsisle provided helpful hints on how to stitch, I'll post them on this blog also! You have to have a membership or spent $6 to access the test realm.

Step 1

Select the item you want to use for the Appearance

Step 2

Select the Item you want to use for the Stats.

Step 3

Click create and you'll have have a whole new outfit (one by one) with the look and stats combined in one!

Click this image to read more about Stitching and other updates on the Test Realm

I hope to see you in the test realm, Stitching is a very good thing for Pirate101! See you around the Spiral!

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