March 8, 2013

Side Questing with Edward C. (Post 2)

Ahoy Pirates!

The other day I was very busy and couldn't make my post long enough and as I read through, I don't understand some of it. I'd like to apologize for that! I have a better post today, considering I leveled from side questing! Sometimes when questing, I only stay on the main quest because it gets very interesting. After main questing through an entire world I realize that I didn't do any of the side quests. I have to redo them each time and its surprising because you can actually level early before accessing the next world. If I didn't do any of the side quests that I did the past few days I would have entered the next world at level 12, I can enter at level 13 now. Before I get ahead of myself and not post any pictures (I love posting pictures), with my adventure.

Defeating a boss for a side quest- Thought this would level me
I made nautical level 16 before this though!

I decided to go to another quest after this because I didn't level, I thought I would level, I didn't again.. 

After completing so many side quests and expecting to level, I finally found a way to level to level 13.. :{D

Troggie Fight in Skull Island!

I'm glad I finally leveled to 13, this means I'm going to finish up this world and go on to the next with the next blog post! I hope you enjoyed this post and get ready for more of my adventures on Edward C. as we enter Monquista.

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