March 22, 2013

Springtime Pet Hunt!

Ahoy Pirates!

Its getting close to Easter and a lot of people have Easter Egg Hunts on Easter right? Well here's something new, Lets have a Springtime Pet Hunt! I think this would be a fun activity for everyone. If you don't know what Springtime Pets are, make sure to click the pet down below and then read the contest details.

Springtime Pet Hunt

  • I will hide 6 different pets around the site, they won't be too difficult to find. Once you find them all you need to email and tell me all of the locations you found the pet with links (don't tell anyone else if you find them, if you do that'll ruin the fun of the contest and I'll change the locations of the pets). After that, I'll enter everyone who found the location of the pet in a randomizer list and pick 10 winners! Yes 10. You're probably wondering what you can win, well. Thanks to Kingsisle and our community manager One-Eyed Jack, I'm giving away 5,000 crowns with a new random Springtime Pet! If you win a code, please remember the code can only be redeemed on one account! Look down below for more details on the contest without the paragraph :)

When does the Contest Start and End?

This contest starts at 12:00 P.M. CST when I hide the pets throughout the site. It'll end 3/29/13 at 12:00 P.M. a few days before Easter! Make sure you find all of the pets during this time, you have one week!

What can I win?

One of 10 codes that has 5,000 Crowns and a new random Springtime pet. All of the codes that Tom gave me are random so that means you have a chance of getting one of the 6 new pets. Good luck!

What kind of pets will I be hiding?

All of the new pets, 6 all together. You'll have to find 6 pets on this site. Click the picture of the pet above to see what kind of pets you'll be searching for. Look at the pictures below for the pets I'll be hiding! 

How do I enter?

Enter by finding all of the pets, send an email to when you found them all and provide links on where you found them. If you tell anyone I'll switch all of the pets locations (I'll give you an update on this post if I do). Please don't tell anyone so I don't have to do that.

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