March 21, 2013

Springtime Pets!

Ahoy Pirates!

Can you believe it? Kingsisle released Springtime Pets on Pirate101! I think its pretty cool, I have to say I love the purple and green buffaloon! I think the Springtime Pets are just like Easter, I was so excited when I found out about them. I want one and can't wait to get one. Before I keep going, here's what Kingsisle said.

Just in time for Spring, the Marshadillows have arrived in Pirate101! These Sweet and sugary pets have brought some their other spring time pets friends along with the Pink Chocolope, Blue Chocolope, Batik Eggaloon and Purple Polkaloon. Want one of these fun Spring Time pets for your Pirate? Head on over to the crowns shop and pick out your favorite spring pet! Don't wait though, these spring time pets are only available for a limited time.

Peeps! Lol reminds me of them :) Click the Marshadillows for more information on Springtime Pets!

Well, you should head on to the crowns shop and buy some, and let me tell ye something before I end the post.. Tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to announce a new contest, make sure to look for that. It'll be eggtastic? :D See you around the hunt! Spiral! Enjoy your new Spring Pets :)

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