March 25, 2013

Wizardly Awards

Hello Wizards,

Last night the Wizardly Awards happened and there was so many people, there were some that had to stay in another house! It was very crazy. I have a few pictures before showing the list of winners. It was crazy and a lot of fun. I think it was a great way to get the community together (lots of people in the community)!

Welcome to the Wizardly Awards! 

Look at all of the Wizards!

Last picture of the day! Its night?! 

I didn't get as much pictures as I wanted to but I'm glad I had a chance to take these three pictures! Thanks for the Awards show Angel Ice and Lindsey Goldengrove, it was awesome! I love how you decorated the myth house, it was epic. It would take forever for me to decorate the myth house for the Awards Show.

List of Winners

Alexander Lionheart- Best Puns

Legends of the Spiral- Best Fansite

Kelsey Fireheart- Wizard of the Year

Alexander Lionheart- Best PVPer

Paige Moonshade- Twizard of the Year

Me- Twizard Support of the Year (thanks everyone)

Kelsey Fireheart- Most Dedicated Twizard

Kelsey Fireheart- Most Tweets

That was awesome! Thanks again for voting me for Twizard Supporter of the Year, it really means a lot. I would have made a speech last night but it was unexpected. I can't believe I won! Thanks for all of your votes and most of all, thanks for this event. It was a lot of fun :) Oh... before I end the post. Make sure to click the link below for a Harlem Shake Youtube video made by Angel Ice. It's epic! :) Like, Share, Subscribe!

Before you click on that link, look at the award Tabitha Sword made me! :)
Thank you Tabitha! This really means a lot :)

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