April 25, 2013

2/28 Pieces of the Puzzle(s)!

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle sent out small images/ puzzle pieces to all of the Official Pirate101 Fansites. All of the images represent small puzzle pieces that should be put together for one main image. I have two pieces of puzzle showing little areas and when put together it'll show a huge picture(s) of new content that's sailing its way to Pirate101! There are 14 puzzle pieces  for each puzzle, I have two of them. Make sure to view the other Pirate101 Fansite's puzzle pieces also. Are ye up for the challenge? Sail your way to the other Pirate101 Fansites to put the puzzle pieces together. Note: A few of the other Fansites may only post one today and another tomorrow. I'll post a link to the Pirate101 Fansites below. Here's my two pieces of the puzzle, remember there are two puzzles, I have one of each!



For more puzzle pieces, sail to the other Pirate101 Fansites by clicking the link below!

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