April 9, 2013

All Undead Monkeys go to Heaven!

Ahoy Pirates,

I started questing Edward Cringle again, We found the Monkey Paw! You'll never guess where though, well.. you'll see throughout the pictures on this blog post. You should know from the last post that the Monkey Paw is somewhere in Diablo Cut. On the first search for The Monkey Paw I had to fight.. plants? As silly as it sounds, I actually have proof! Look at the pictures below :)

Defeating plants to get the Monkey Paw??

After defeating the plants I had to look at in the chest in the picture about The Monkey Paw wasn't in there though. I walked outside to talk to a monkey that was actually warning me not to look for it, I had to find it though, so I went in the dungeon to look for it. I had to find three keys to actually get The Monkey Paw I'm sure its not going to be too bad getting the keys, Right?!

Another Kick! Lol, The flowers didn't have the Paw, maybe the monkeys
in the dungeon have the Monkey Paw, it only makes sense right?

That does not look good!
After defeating bosses, I finally found all of the keys to access the monkey paw! A few monkeys really didn't want me getting The Monkey Paw so they tried to stop me. It didn't end too bad though.. Heaven!

I defeated all of the monkeys and finally had access to The Monkey Paw.

I'm glad the search wasn't too bad, I was thinking I would have to go through an entire world to actually find The Monkey Paw. Now I have to take it back to Monkey, Donkey Hotay. I'll show you in the next post what he wishes for, I'm hoping its going to be useful, will he could wish himself back to normal? We'll see!

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