April 23, 2013

Black Sun Pyramid

Hello Wizards,

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile, new template and Pirate101 adds a lot of work. I hope a lot of you are still reading about my fire Wizard, it may be old news to most of you but don't worry I'm going to continue making Wizard101 posts as long as one of you read my new posts :) Okay, to the blog post! I talked to King Axaya Knifemoon and he gave me permission to search the Black Sun Pyramid.

Entering the dungeon!

Volcano #1

Volcano #2

This does not look good...

Click these images to view Belloq's words to me! 

You're the one that kept casting Ra aren't you?!

No, Merle said I might be headmaster one day when I started!

Volcano #3 :D
I was worried I wouldn't make it alone since Belloq had a lot of health so I purchased a minion. Its not bad to buy a minion to help you even if you're soloing the world. It'll help a lot more than you think :) My zebra helped me defeat Belloq, she actually had a +100% storm blade and used Sirens on the enemies!

They are great singers right?

My dragon is stronger than Ra, sorry Belloq!

Surprisingly, he didn't use one Ra throughout the entire battle, he was actually easy considering he was balance! Maybe he lost his powers? Hmm. I guess that's the end of him.. I'm going to end the post now, here's his final words to me and I'll add that sneak peek below his words to me. See ya around the Spiral!

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