April 11, 2013

Donkey's Final Wish

Ahoy Pirates!

On my last post with Edward Cringle, I quested through Pirate101 looking for The Monkey Paw so Donkey aka Monkey Hotay could make an important wish! Well, I found The Monkey Paw, it was time to go back to Donkey after finding it. What was his final wish? Remember you don't always get a wish, so its very important you wish for something you could never get, I guess Donkey really did! Instead of wishing he was a Monkey again, he wished for one million bananas!

If you ever get a wish, do not wish for one million bananas! I can't believe a Donkey would even wish for that, and in a world of monkeys of all places. Well, I'm sure you know what happened to the bananas..

Now that all of that's completed its time to return to Peurto Mico and talk to the governor. I think we'll save that for next time though. Here's a little sneak peek for the next post, I'll see ye around the Spiral until then.

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