April 13, 2013

Edward Firegem starts questing through Azteca!

Hello Wizards,

A day or two after completing Avalon, I finally started to quest through Azteca! I love it, its a very nice world with nice music, dinosaurs, and I found part of it to be funny minus the comet heading right towards Azteca! Its not as hard as I thought it would be. I've heard you can't solo through, I've soloed through a little bit. I had help though since it was difficult on my first quest.. I had to fight fire dinosaurs! I didn't trouble with that because I had help from Autumn Dreamwalker! After a bit of questing I decided that this world wasn't as bad as I heard it was. I actually had to fight a storm boss after the fire dino quest. It wasn't bad at all, I bought a minion that cost 101 crowns, and had a few potions and defeated the boss. I was very surprised.. Since I haven't been organized and focused way too much on questing, keep reading my blog posts and I'll have a new Wizard101 post soon! Until then, see you around the Spiral!

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