April 5, 2013

Edward Wintergem completes Zafaria

Hello Wizards!

Well, I had a lot of time to quest on Wizard101 and I decided to quest on my ice, not Edward Firegem, my ice. I'll make a post sometime about Edward Firegem again, but that'll probably be when he defeats Avalon. Well, to get started, I had to finish the elephant graveyard. I'm not much of a hero on Wizard101 so I needed help, so many wizards offered to help me! Two of them, Autumn Dreamwalker and Chris Drakeflame helped me defeat 5 of the bosses and a dungeon in the elephant graveyard, basically the entire area! I'm very glad they helped me because they gave me the hope that I would defeat Zafaria today, after 6 months of being stuck on one quest in the elephant graveyard!

Hitting one of the bosses with a Mammoth! Pretty Epic!

Random Picture time! 

After finally completing the Elephant Graveyard, I was ready for the last dungeon of Zafaria, Mirror Lake! I was worried at first, but we had a very good team with us. I'm a noob so I had to take pictures of a the new  epic myth spell, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the life spell though.

Myth Spell, pretty epic!

To skip ahead, you should know we defeated Mirror Lake! That was a lot of fun and I'm very glad I have another character that's not in Zafaria anymore. I think I'm starting to catch up a lot, it may not seem like it but you may see my ice character level 71 one moment and 80 something the next. I'll make another post when he's done with Avalon! Make sure to keep reading Edward Firegem's posts also. Oh and before I forget, here's a picture with the epic wizards that helped me defeat Mirror Lake and Zafaria!

Autumn had to go, but I'm very glad she helped me through all of this, at least 3 hours of gameplay! Thanks again everyone for helping me, make sure to watch posts for more future updates on Edward Wintergem!

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