April 22, 2013

Finding Fin!

Ahoy Pirates,

On my last blog post I found out about an important map that a lot of enemies were after. Captain Avery told me I had to search for the other six pieces of the map for the entire map to be complete. There's 7 total pieces of this important map and I only have one.. Well had one! A fish named Fin stole it away from me though. I think its time I show him that stealing is bad and he shouldn't steal from anyone again! I had to destroy cutthroat ships and attack sharks that wanted me for dinner..

I don't think so! 

That's right, we win this round! :)

Since I have a lot of pictures, I'll just show you an example of who's going to win :D

Okay, I don't think that's good. I know that if we can defeat them, we can defeat the others! I'm not afraid of the Armada :) I'll keep the map away from them though, no matter what. Talking about that, I'm going to end the post. I'll continue next time and of course.. here's a sneak peek of the next post. See ye around the Spiral!

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