April 3, 2013

Pirate101 Newsletter April 2013

Ahoy Pirates,

Kingsisle released another newsletter for April! With the newsletter they reminded everyone of the Spring Pets that were released (they won't be around very long, and you'll have to wait until next year if you miss them). Also the stitching they added, very cool right? I'm glad they added it, now my pirate can really go around the Spiral looking like a hero, I'm sure you know which character I'm talking about. This month they added the Slowpoke Sloth, which goes -40% slower than walking! I really want to see this mount on the game, I'm planning on buying myself one. They cost 1,750 crowns, not bad at all for a slowpoke!

If you click play on the video above, you'll see Kingsisle released another Rogue's Gallery with Boochbeard and Gandry! What's Rogue's Gallery? You learn more about certain characters on the game by listening to Rogue's Gallery, they've had Avery, FrogFather and now Boochbeard & Gandry with Rogue's Gallery.

One-Eyed Jack also has some great information on pets and how they work on the newsletter! If you would like to read more of the April 2013 Newsletter, click on Boochbeard & Gandry. See you next month!

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