April 4, 2013

Pirate101 Online Safety

Ahoy Pirates,

You probably noticed I made posts on online safety in the past, I decided to make one for Pirates only! Online Safety is very important and of course, it keeps everyone safe online. For example, if you give a stranger your ship (the best ship in the skyways), do you think they will return it? Its important you know that if you give away something it will not be returned to you! Passwords are very important also, just like a Pirate ship, you need it for Pirate101! Don't give away your password to anyone, or you won't see your Pirate again. Kingsisle warns everyone about this, and you should take their advice! Want more online safety tips? Keep reading, I have plenty :) Please share this post with all of your friends!

  • Personal Information- NEVER give away your personal information to anyone on the game. This includes credit card numbers, where you live (address, city, state), your passwords, cell phone numbers, if its personal it needs to remain personal! 
  • Is it too good to be true? One day you might be sailing and see someone offering free crowns or a membership for your account in return.. so they could put it on your account. They are only trying to get your account! Don't give away your account information for someone trying to take your Pirate away from you. If you're in need for items on Pirate101 like crowns, bundles or gear, make sure to watch the official fansites with great contests every month! You can also check out other great bloggers sites, make sure they aren't asking for account information though.  If you have a true friend that's offering you a gift card code, then that's also a good way to receive crowns or a membership! 
  • Fake Sites and Scams- If you haven't notice, I do have contests and give away membership card codes that I get from the store to giveaway. I'm a site owner that really does giveaway prizes! Now there's other kind of sites too... Ones that ask for your password and user name, this is a one way ticket to a storm, a storm where you won't ever get your Pirate back again. One other thing you may see on Social Networks like Facebook are scams where you can get free codes and all from a generator, this is FAKE. Never trust this, like I said before, if you want to sign up for a contest, try the official Fansites! Never try to get codes from generators or fake sites that want your account info.

Okay, I'm done writing! I hope all of you got through all of this, its very important that you do read it though, I'm sure it will help you or a friend in the future! Click on the image below for more online safety tips!

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