April 25, 2013

Reshuffle Change > World Release Speed

Hello Wizards!

I've noticed that reshuffle was changed along with many things with PvP. Well, I'm not speaking for Kingsisle but I strongly believe all of these changes happened all at once because Wizard101 has released so many worlds (2 within one year) and after all of that time working on the worlds and not PvP, they probably started working on it since they noticed they wasn't before. Before asking for worlds you need to figure out what we need, not want. This change was needed after so long since barely a few people was focusing on it. Why now? Well, it was needed and it was how it was how it was supposed to be. I don't know much about PvP but you should give Wizard101 some time to catch up with updates to the system. Who knows, maybe they will change it, if not then that's how its supposed to be.

Before you get mad at me for making this post, I'm only saying that I believe Kingsisle needs time with PvP. I don't PvP so don't cast frost giant on me. Lol. The one thing that I do not agree on is the people who kept asking for worlds decided to switch and get mad because of this reshuffle change. They never released two worlds in six months before 2011, so its a huge change. They are trying to do something for everyone, even though I think they should do what they think they should do on some things such as world release rate. I'm only making this blog post because I love making posts on my thoughts about the game. I really would love to thank Kingsisle for not releasing a world and trying to fix the PvP situation though. Fixing things that need to be fixed should always come first not a world release. Maybe this gives you time to fix the bugs with the next world release (whenever it is released) we won't have too many bugs on the test realm and barely any on the live realm. Before I make this post longer than it needs to be, please remember everything you have read. Maybe a few of you will read or maybe a lot will read this post. I hope you agree with me though!

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Nicholas LionRider said...

The world release isn't the problem. The last world in the Morganthe story I hope will just end worlds and hold us off for a while. After that I highly advice KI to work on the things after you beat a world. Gardening, crafting, housing all need a big upgrade. PvP of course is a large thing too. People who can say they beat Azteca in a week easily get bored do to the limited extra curicular activities. WoW for example has guilds and raids and stuff like that. Crafting and housing seem to collide a lot now and it is because the crafting quests are not only boring, but long and challenging. It is meant to be a challenge but they seem to get out of control. The new update I like do to it's changes outside of worlds. Fixing PvP, adding world themed housing packs, gardening upgrades and of course new houses. They spread out the updates and gave a new chance to the forgotten systems they have. And to the world/content junkies, Pirate101 has a nice package on the way. Best time to try or even retry it :)