April 19, 2013

The Badge of Leadership

Hello Wizards!

This might be a random post for many reading, (busy IRL so I'm not doing too good on posts), but here it goes and I hope you like it. I leveled through Azteca and I really LOVE it, I've had help from the famous Autumn Dreamwalker on the tough fights, for example.. fire fights. I hate same school fights, this is for all worlds in the Spiral. Well, after leveling quite a bit, I have received a quest to repair a Calendar Stone and then take the royal badge of leadership to King Axaya.

I was worried since this thing, well not irresistible, was strong! I bought a fire minion to help me defeat her.

That's hot!
Scarecrow! Why would you heal her?
Helephant defeats her, yes she's in the fireball!

Well that was a lot of fun, I guess Azteca isn't that bad. I'm sure the quests are going to be difficult as I progress through the game. I'll make another post when I'm on my next major quest, which will be soon. I'll see you around the Spiral until then! I hope you enjoyed this blog post :)

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