April 19, 2013

The Map

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I haven't made a post in a few days, the day I was actually planning on making a post, I had quite a stormy day and had to sail through it and couldn't make a post. I'm back though :) You're probably anxious wondering what the letter said right? Well I was too! Here's what the letter said..

I'm starting to worry, this map must be VERY important. We better sail to the flotsam right away.

After finding Nim, I was worried I would die, since I've posted many photos on this post I'll only post one to show you the outcome of this match again the meanest Wharf Rat in all of Scrimshaw & his rat friends :D

That's EPIC

I finally rescued One-Eyed Jack from Nim, he was a tough Wharf Rat, I was the only one left by the end of it all. I'm glad I survived though, its the first time I survived this fight with a character without having help.

I have to find 6 pieces of a map that everyone in the Spiral will fight me for! This is going to be one crazy adventure.. I'll do it though. I'll start my adventure searching for the six pieces of the map after you look at the picture down below. See ye around the Spiral, I hope you enjoyed this post :D

My next quest, click on this picture for the next post when its up!

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