April 6, 2013

The Search for The Monkey Paw

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to blog lately, I've been very busy! I'm back though and have quite a few posts, I'm only going to post about one thing today though. After completing the Sun Palace I had to go back to Queen Eleanor with not so great news from Queen Katherine. After talking to her, she gave me a new quest, I had to talk to Monkey Hotay for more information about the Monkey Paw!

I'm glad I wasn't seeing and hearing things, I was looking for
Monkey Hotay, now its Donkey Hotay? lol

After talking to Donkey and Pancho, I had a quest to go to Monquista City Drains (I'm in trouble, so I couldn't enter the city the normal way). I'm sure its not going to be too difficult.. Right?? Guess we'll see!

Bloodbats! These things were strong!

I was wrong, Oh, I know who loves these spiders! They're reading this post!

After fighting all of the monkeys, we finally made it out of the Sewers!

After all of the work in the dungeon, I leveled to 14! I have quested ahead, so make sure to read the new Pirate101 post tomorrow or Monday! I'll see you then and before I forget, here's a sneak peek picture!

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