April 29, 2013

Two World Expansions!

Ahoy Pirates,

This will go down in Kingsisle history, Pirate101 will soon have two new expansions, Marleybone and Aquila! Mmorpg released a new article yesterday. If you haven't yet you should finish up Mooshu before the test realm opens or before the test realm updates go live. There are two new worlds, which I believe will be released at the same time! Here's two images from of the new world(s) mmorpg.

Click this image for more information!

If you would like to know more, click on the image above. More blog posts to come for anymore breaking news! I will update this post or make a new blog post for anymore breaking news. I'll keep my eye out throughout the afternoon and morning for anymore updates. See ye around the Spiral!

Update: More Concept Images!

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