April 27, 2013

What do you want to see with Pirate101?

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been thinking a lot lately about Pirate101 and the new content puzzles they released. I've decided to make a post telling what I want to see with Pirate101 and hope that you add to the post by commenting below telling me and or Kingsisle what you want to see on the game. I'll add sections of what I want to see on the game and off the game. Here's my list of things I want to see with Pirate101..

The Making of Pirate101

This is probably the first thing I really want to see but its not on the game, its off the game on YouTube. Years ago Kingsisle made videos of the Making of Wizard101 and told everyone how they made the game and why. I really loved that all of the videos because they are interesting. I would love to see Kingsisle talking about Pirate101 and explaining to everyone what Pirate101 is about and how or where they came up with the idea. I think its a great way of Kingsisle connecting even more with the players of their games.

Online (More farming for Epic Gear)

Everyone loves farming for something.. gold or gear.. I would love to see high level Pirate101 Gear such as level 50 or level 60 gear (with future worlds). I would like to see that with the last bosses of each world. I love farming and think this would be a great way to help our pirate prepare for the next world with the new gear. Please add this option. I know Pirate101's new and this is why I love making these "idea" posts!

Slow-Motion Attacks

 I was talking to Swordroll today about slow motion companion attacks and I love taking pictures of the slow motion attacks and then about Pirate slow motion attacks. Pirates don't have too many slow motion attacks, but I would love to see these type attacks so I can take epic pictures of my pirate like the one above with my companion doing an epic hit! Wouldn't you love to see these type of pictures with your Pirate? :) What would you like to see? Comment below with your ideas. Thanks everyone for reading and thank you Kingsisle for a great successful game!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I definitely agree with everything you said, especially the videos! One thing I would love to see added is something I am actually planning on making a blog post about.....The ability to change our flags. Even if it costs crowns, I think this would be an awesome option to have added to the game! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

That would be pretty nice, I'm worried about the color of my flag, I would love to change it to blue instead, but we can't lol. It goes along with your ship color when you dye it.