May 4, 2013

Are the Marleybone dungeons difficult or different?

Ahoy Pirates,

I've noticed something on the message boards not long ago that the dungeons in Marleybone ruined the game. I don't think so at all. It's difficult but its still in the test realm and Kingsisle has plenty of time to change anything they want. This is why they have a test realm for Pirate101 and Wizard101, so players can test the game out for any bugs and ask for suggestions. The title of this post is asking you, are the dungeons difficult or different? Well I will answer and say both. The dungeons are difficult because they take a lengthy amount of time to complete. I'm a Witchdoctor so I don't think the enemies in the dungeons are hard to fight. The dungeons in Marleybone are different, as a wizard I'm not used to these dungeons, there were quite a lot of them when trying to enter Marleybone and finally making it. I don't think anyone should quit because something in the test realm (that's been out a few days), is difficult though. You have to wait, as Kindly Katherine said in a response I've read on this message board post, Kingsisle has listened to the players.


I've been leveling through the dungeons in Marleybone, like one of the dungeons as pictured above, I had to fight at least 50 Armada Troops/Battle Angels all the way through the last dungeon. One time I died and I had to fight Bishop again and go through the dungeon again because I was too late (was caught in a battle), the next time I had to fight Bishop again and died and I had to go back to the dungeon and I'm glad I made it in time, I finally defeat him the second time. These dungeons take a very long time to complete, I will not lie. I believe in Kingsisle though, they always listen to their players and fix anything that needs to be fixed. They are the best game team I know and I know they will fix this. I am not complaining at all though because I know they will fix this as soon as possible. Since there are players telling Kingsisle that there's something wrong with these dungeons, they will know. Pirate101's the best game I've ever played online and I know it has a bright future ahead. Don't worry so much :) I'm not done with this post just yet... Look below to see what I think they should and shouldn't change about the Mooshu and Marleybone dungeons.


  • Difficulty- I don't know if this dungeon is hard or not, I believe witchdoctors are very strong like storm wizards, but what I've been hearing from the community, maybe you should change the difficulty by now allowing so many Armada Troops & Battle Angels into combat. I noticed that there are a lot of enemies that appear during combat and that could make it difficult for Pirates. 
  • Time- These dungeons took forever to complete, I was in for about 4-5 hours trying to complete all of the dungeons so I wouldn't have to later. That is a very long time for dungeons one after another. I do believe you should have dungeons though since it is Marleybone. If you're a wizard you should remember that Marleybone on Wizard101 had quite a few dungeons.. One you were caught in... 

  • Detail- I love ALL of the detail about Marleybone, I love the quest-line, music, everything. I admit I even love part of the dungeons because parts of it is very interesting and funny! Please keep the detail of the dungeons and Marleybone. 
  • Bishop- Even though I don't like that I had to defeat him four times when I could have only defeated him two times, I really do think Bishop makes a great addition to the dungeons. I believe it's going to prepare us for the harder bosses during the end of Marleybone and throughout Aquila!

If you stayed this long, you love reading. I really do thank you all for staying and reading! I don't want to see any of ye quitting the game. It's a great game and the creators of the game are great. Like I said many times during this post, they always listen to their players and that's why they are in my words, the best and my favorite game team! I hope you give them time to work this situation out. Well I'm going to end the post now.. thanks again for reading and I hope you're not to tired from reading. :D Until next time, See ye around the Spiral.


Swordroll said...

I think that the reason so many people are complaining is because KingsIsle is becoming more and more resistant to change. Once it hits live, it's very unlikely we'll see changes, so we hit them hard with recommendations in the Test Realm.

As I tweeted, I think that they need to add difficulty by adding more elements, talents, and epics to enemies, not bumping their health and damage so high that it's illogical.

I also have a number of comments about how these long dungeons are affecting players and their ability to play.

The really scary part is that the people who are leaving don't really say much. They just get up and walk out one day when the content is too difficult. And you might think these people are the extreme ones who just don't have any loyalty to the game, but that's not the case at all. It's actually the more sensible people that are leaving. Mercenaries, friends, etc.

See, with things like packs and difficulty, KingsIsle sees the threads from people who are upset. But they don't always take those quite as seriously as they should. What they don't see are the people are directly leaving because of those things.

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I personally don't think they are too difficult. I was able to solo all of Marleybone with just my Mooshu gear. However, I do think that there is maybe too many, or that some of them should be slightly shortened. It's hard to log on for 1 1/2- 2 hours sometimes and it would be nice to be able to log on more often for 20-30 minutes and complete a couple mob fights to progress.