May 23, 2013

Edward & Autumn get their level 88 spells!

Hello Wizards!

This really isn't a long blog post but I wanted to make it to show all of ya that Autumn Lifesong/ Dreamwalker and I made it to level 88 and we finally received our spells! I'm very glad I'm questing with her because we make a great team and if we didn't quest together, well I would be in Azteca sometime in.. well lets see.. this is 2013 right? Well, NEVER! Sorry Azteca takes awhile when you don't have nice gear/pets. I finally hatched with Alexander Lionheart for a new pet though! I still think that Azteca is a very difficult world. I still love it though!
Attacking the boss that has my spell. 3rd time is a charm! 
My spell!
Casting my spell, the two famous Autumns watching! :D
This is only a blog post about my spell, but there's also Autumn's balance. She defeated her boss once and received her spell shortly after. I defeated my boss three times! This shows that Autumn means business on her balance. Wish her luck with her life wizard, she's planning on trying again to get her life spell. Myth and Storm are not a good combination. Good luck Autumn! If she makes a blog post about getting her spells I'll make sure to post a link to her post below! See you around the Spiral.

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