May 11, 2013

Edward continues to side quest through Monquista!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope yer day is going well, mine certainly is :) I had a chance to quest again today through all of the Skull Island side quests and now I'm in Monquista finishing up side quests. As I said yesterday sometimes its important or good to finish up those side quests. I have received many companion training points and gold from all of my side quests so far. Just about all of my companions are caught up to my level! I leveled through this area on my witchdoctor Edward, I had no idea there were so many quests with companion training points and nautical experience because I sailed right by most of the side quests. This time I'll know to get most or even all side quests through future worlds/characters! Here's my Monquista side questing pictures.
Luis doing an epic attack on a Batacuda side quest!
This should be an easy quest! :)
Experience, Gold and two companion training points!

I've quested a lot more than this through this world, but I only wanted to blog about this quest to show ye that there are great quests out there in the skyways that can level yer pirate or give nice experience. I'm very glad I decided to start on side quests before blogging about my adventures to Valencia. Watch for my next Edward Cringle post since I will be blogging about my adventure and in Valencia. See ye around the Spiral!

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