May 19, 2013

Edward Cringle makes it to Valencia! (3/3)

Ahoy Pirates!

Once again, make sure ye read yesterday's post, Closer to Valencia 2/3, before reading this one. If ye only want a little catch up keep reading! Yesterday I quested through the Scurvy Dog Hideout to find the Indigo Windstone. I fought dog pirates and a bunch of storm sharks and I finally found the windstone! After completing that quest I sailed back to tell Hooktail the good news. I still need travel papers to sail to Valencia. I now have to talk to Zenda and ask for help getting those papers so I can finally make it to Valencia. Here's my questing pictures..
Getting ready to sail to Monquista on my new Pirate Ship!

I'm not far away from Valencia, I have to defeat 10 Royal Ships though! I think this will be a lot easier with my new pirate ship. I'm really loving it. Well I'll tell ye now, I had no problem sinking the ships. Here's proof! :D

It was pretty easy sinking the ships with my new pirate ship!

I have one thing left to do, pass through the Avernus Skyway. I don't think it'll be too bad, I guess I'll have to see what happens. I'm one tough pirate though, no one will mess with me. 

Sailing through the Avernus Skyway!
There's Valencia!
I made it to Valencia! I'll have a new post in a few days with my first quest
in Valencia. Until then,  I'll see ye around the Spiral! 

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