May 22, 2013

Edward Cringle starts questing through Valencia!


A few days ago I made a post about finally making it to Valencia, I didn't have time to quest until today though. If ye haven't please read my last post, Edward makes it to Valencia. I am in Valencia looking for more pieces of the map and protecting my piece of the map from the Armada. I was given a quest to talk to a horse, Steed. It took awhile for Steed to believe I opposed the Armada,but after he realized that he said he would help me When I arrived he said me he would help me keep the map away from the Armada. He also said he would help me find another piece of map. I have to travel to Sivella, an area of Valencia to find that piece of map. I can't make it there until I have disguise because everyone knows the Armada would recognize their worse enemy. Steed gave me a quest to fight Armada Ships to gather pieces for the disguise.
Had to defeat 6 ships, I didn't have to board once. I'm loving my new ship!
I'm switching over to the Armada's side. See ya later pirates!
Kidding! I would never do something like that :D 

Woo, another day of questing. Well half a day.. Ye're probably wondering why I haven't continued my post with Thaddeus, well I'll continue another day! I'm going to leave ye with another hint of the next blog post! Here it is.

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