May 10, 2013

Edward Cringle starts Side Questing!

Ahoy Pirates!

Its been awhile since I've blogged about Edward Cringle, I've noticed that I'm actually just about ready for Valencia! Last time I've had a quest was with Fin, after I defeated him I went to Avery and went back to Puerto Mico to receive a quest to defeat wharf rat ships! I'm not going to complete that quest just yet though. I looked through my quest book and I have quite a few quests I need to complete before accessing Valencia.
Edward Cringle getting ready to quest in Dark Jungle
The first I'm trying to complete is Skull Island, I have a lot of quests they I have skipped or haven't finished. I'm glad I'm finally completing these though, I have received a lot of gold, gear and a few Training Points to level my companions! I was out of gold and companion points I'm glad I leveled through Dark Jungle though. I've also battled ships with side quests I have collected and received Nautical Experience!

I had to join a ship battle since my ship isn't strong enough. Completed
the quest though, I'm glad I completed this quest received about 200 NXP
all together from two different quests by sinking these ships!

Sometimes its nice to go back to see what you've missed with side quests, if ye've left out any side quests, you never know what rewards that side quest could have. Ye can get nice gear that you've always wanted or ye could level that one companion that's not far away from leveling with a free companion training point. I hope ye enjoyed reading this post, check back tomorrow for another post. Edward Cringle will quest through Monquista looking for all of those nice side quests, until next time, see ye around the Spiral!

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